Chandan De
Chandan De
Materials Research Institute (MRI)-2D Crystal Consortium (2DCC), Physics Department, Penn State
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Critical Comparison of FAPbX3 and MAPbX3 (X = Br and Cl): How Do They Differ?
S Govinda, BP Kore, D Swain, A Hossain, C De, TN Guru Row, DD Sarma
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (25), 13758-13766, 2018
Is CH3NH3PbI3 Polar
G Sharada, P Mahale, BP Kore, S Mukherjee, MS Pavan, C De, S Ghara, ...
J. Phys. Chem. Lett 7 (13), 2412-2419, 2016
Effect of internal electric field on ferroelectric polarization in multiferroic TbMnO3
C De, S Ghara, A Sundaresan
Solid State Communications 205, 61-65, 2015
New rare earth hafnium oxynitride perovskites with photocatalytic activity in water oxidation and reduction
AP Black, H Suzuki, M Higashi, C Frontera, C Ritter, C De, A Sundaresan, ...
Chemical Communications 54 (12), 1525-1528, 2018
The absence of ferroelectric polarization in layered and rock-salt ordered NaLnMnWO 6 (Ln= La, Nd, Tb) perovskites
C De, TH Kim, KH Kim, A Sundaresan
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (11), 5407-5411, 2014
Nonswitchable polarization and magnetoelectric coupling in the high-pressure synthesized doubly ordered perovskites and
C De, A Sundaresan
Physical Review B 97 (21), 214418, 2018
Is CH3NH3PbI3 Polar?
P Mahale, BP Kore, S Mukherjee, MS Pavan, C De, S Ghara, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 7 (13), 2412-2419, 2016
Magnetic compensation-induced sign reversal of exchange bias in a multi-glass perovskite SmFeO3
C De, AK Nayak, M Nicklas, A Sundaresan
Applied Physics Letters 111 (18), 182403, 2017
Possible coexistence of cycloidal phases, magnetic field reversal of polarization, and memory effect in multiferroic R0.5Dy0.5MnO3 (R = Eu and Gd)
C De, A Sundaresan
Applied Physics Letters 107 (5), 052902, 2015
Isovalent Cation Ordering in the Polar Rhombohedral Perovskite Bi2FeAlO6
C De, ÁM Arévalo‐López, F Orlandi, P Manuel, JP Attfield, A Sundaresan
Angewandte Chemie 130 (49), 16331-16335, 2018
Colossal angular magnetoresistance in ferrimagnetic nodal-line semiconductors
J Seo, C De, H Ha, JE Lee, S Park, J Park, Y Skourski, ES Choi, B Kim, ...
Nature 599 (7886), 576-581, 2021
Ti-rich double perovskites LnCu 3− y Ti 2− x Mn 2+ x+ y O 12: ferrimagnetism and magnetoresistance up to room temperature
MM Seikh, V Caignaert, A Sundaresan, C De, B Raveau
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (30), 6061-6067, 2014
Spin-driven ferroelectricity and large magnetoelectric effect in monoclinic
C De, NV Ter-Oganessian, A Sundaresan
Physical Review B 98 (17), 174430, 2018
Highly tunable magnetic spirals and electric polarization in
C De, R Bag, S Singh, F Orlandi, P Manuel, S Langridge, MK Sanyal, ...
Physical Review Materials 3 (4), 044401, 2019
Large‐Area Epitaxial Film Growth of van der Waals Ferromagnetic Ternary Chalcogenides
A Giri, C De, M Kumar, M Pal, HH Lee, JS Kim, SW Cheong, U Jeong
Advanced Materials 33 (45), 2103609, 2021
Magnetoelectric effect in a single crystal of the frustrated spinel
C De, R Bag, S Singh, O Fabelo, MT Fernández-Díaz, ...
Physical Review B 103 (9), 094406, 2021
Multiferroic memory effect far above the Néel temperature in single-crystal
C De, R Bag, S Singh, A Sundaresan
Physical Review B 100 (10), 104407, 2019
Ferro-rotational domain walls revealed by electric quadrupole second harmonic generation microscopy
X Guo, R Owen, A Kaczmarek, X Fang, C De, Y Ahn, W Hu, N Agarwal, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.03460, 2022
Bulk and surface electronic structure of revealed by photoemission and x-ray absorption spectroscopy
M Fujii, T Yamaguchi, T Ohkochi, C De, SW Cheong, T Mizokawa
Physical Review B 106 (3), 035118, 2022
Colossal Angular Magnetoresistance in a Ferrimagnetic Nodal-line Semiconductor Mn₃Si₂Tenull
J Seo, C De, H Ha, JE Lee, S Park, J Park, Y Skourski, ES Choi, B Kim, ...
한국자기학회 학술연구발표회 논문개요집 31 (2), 327-327, 2022
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