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A dynamic multi-organ-chip for long-term cultivation and substance testing proven by 3D human liver and skin tissue co-culture
I Wagner, EM Materne, S Brincker, U Süßbier, C Frädrich, M Busek, ...
Lab on a Chip 13 (18), 3538-3547, 2013
Biology-inspired microphysiological system approaches to solve the prediction dilemma of substance testing.
U Marx, TB Andersson, A Bahinski, M Beilmann, S Beken, FR Cassee, ...
ALTEX, 2016
‘Human-on-a-chip’developments: a translational cutting-edge alternative to systemic safety assessment and efficiency evaluation of substances in laboratory animals and man?
U Marx, H Walles, S Hoffmann, G Lindner, R Horland, F Sonntag, ...
Alternatives to laboratory animals 40 (5), 235-257, 2012
Dynamically regulated miRNA-mRNA networks revealed by exercise
AG Tonevitsky, DV Maltseva, A Abbasi, TR Samatov, DA Sakharov, ...
BMC physiology 13 (1), 9, 2013
Relationship between lactate concentrations in active muscle sweat and whole blood
DA Sakharov, MU Shkurnikov, MY Vagin, EI Yashina, AA Karyakin, ...
Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine 150 (1), 83-85, 2010
A multi-organ chip co-culture of neurospheres and liver equivalents for long-term substance testing
EM Materne, AP Ramme, AP Terrasso, M Serra, PM Alves, C Brito, ...
Journal of biotechnology 205, 36-46, 2015
Sol− gel immobilization of lactate oxidase from organic solvent: toward the advanced lactate biosensor
EI Yashina, AV Borisova, EE Karyakina, OI Shchegolikhina, MY Vagin, ...
Analytical chemistry 82 (5), 1601-1604, 2010
Receptor Mincle promotes skin allergies and is capable of recognizing cholesterol sulfate
AV Kostarnoy, PG Gancheva, B Lepenies, AI Tukhvatulin, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (13), E2758-E2765, 2017
Lessons from Toxicology: Developing a 21st-Century Paradigm for Medical Research.
G Langley, CP Austin, AK Balapure, LS Birnbaum, JR Bucher, J Fentem, ...
Environmental health perspectives 123 (11), A268-72, 2015
Supramolecular catalysts on the basis of molecules-receptors
AL Maksimov, DA Sakharov, TY Filippova, AY Zhuchkova, ...
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 44 (23), 8644-8653, 2005
Passing the anaerobic threshold is associated with substantial changes in the gene expression profile in white blood cells
DA Sakharov, DV Maltseva, EA Riabenko, MU Shkurnikov, H Northoff, ...
European journal of applied physiology 112 (3), 963-972, 2012
Evaluation of potential reference genes for qRT-PCR data normalization in HeLa cells
NA Krainova, NA Khaustova, DS Makeeva, NN Fedotov, EA Gudim, ...
Applied biochemistry and microbiology 49 (9), 743-749, 2013
Short-term highly intense physiological stress causes an increase in the expression of heat shock protein in human leukocytes
DA Sakharov, AV Stepanov, MY Shkurnikov, AG Tonevitskii
Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine 147 (3), 361-365, 2009
Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors and exercise
DV Maltseva, DA Sakharov, EA Tonevitsky, H Northoff, AG Tonevitsky
Exerc Immunol Rev 17, 150-163, 2011
Towards embedding Caco-2 model of gut interface in a microfluidic device to enable multi-organ models for systems biology
D Sakharov, D Maltseva, E Knyazev, S Nikulin, A Poloznikov, S Shilin, ...
BMC systems biology 13 (1), 3-11, 2019
Impedance spectroscopy and transcriptome analysis of choriocarcinoma BeWo b30 as a model of human placenta
SV Nikulin, EN Knyazev, TN Gerasimenko, SA Shilin, IN Gazizov, ...
Molecular Biology 53 (3), 411-418, 2019
Free testosterone as marker of adaptation to medium-intensive exercise
MU Shkurnikov, AE Donnikov, EB Akimov, DA Sakharov, AG Tonevitsky
Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine 146 (3), 354-357, 2008
Effect of Circulation Parameters on Functional Status of HepaRG Spheroids Cultured in Microbioreactor
OV Semenova, VA Petrov, TN Gerasimenko, AV Aleksandrova, ...
Bull. Exp. Biol. Med 161 (3), 425-429, 2016
Экзогенные белки в конденсате выдыхаемого человеком воздуха
ВС Курова, АС Кононихин, ИА Попов, АГ Тоневицкий, ДА Сахаров, ...
Биоорг. химия 37 (1), 55-60, 2011
Detection of recombinant growth hormone in human plasma by a 2‐D PAGE method
M Kohler, K Püschel, D Sakharov, A Tonevitskiy, W Schänzer, M Thevis
Electrophoresis 29 (22), 4495-4502, 2008
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