Natalija Hohnjec
Natalija Hohnjec
Plant Genomics, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
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Overlaps in the transcriptional profiles of Medicago truncatula roots inoculated with two different Glomus fungi provide insights into the genetic program activated during …
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Transcriptional responses toward diffusible signals from symbiotic microbes reveal MtNFP-and MtDMI3-dependent reprogramming of host gene expression by arbuscular mycorrhizal …
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Plant physiology 159 (4), 1671-1685, 2012
The Medicago truncatula sucrose synthase gene MtSucS1 is activated both in the infected region of root nodules and in the cortex of roots colonized by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
N Hohnjec, AM Perlick, A Pühler, H Küster
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Construction and validation of cDNA-based Mt6k-RIT macro-and microarrays to explore root endosymbioses in the model legume Medicago truncatula
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MF Vieweg, N Hohnjec, H Küster
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Knockdown of the symbiotic sucrose synthase MtSucS1 affects arbuscule maturation and maintenance in mycorrhizal roots of Medicago truncatula
MC Baier, M Keck, V Gödde, K Niehaus, H Küster, N Hohnjec
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Antisense repression of the Medicago truncatula nodule-enhanced sucrose synthase leads to a handicapped nitrogen fixation mirrored by specific alterations in the symbiotic …
MC Baier, A Barsch, H Küster, N Hohnjec
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The promoter of the leghaemoglobin gene VfLb29: functional analysis and identification of modules necessary for its activation in the infected cells of root nodules and in the …
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Evidence for the involvement in nodulation of the two small putative regulatory peptide-encoding genes MtRALFL1 and MtDVL1
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Differential gel electrophoresis (DIGE) to quantitatively monitor early symbiosis-and pathogenesis-induced changes of the Medicago truncatula root proteome
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Development of bioinformatic tools to support EST-sequencing, in silico-and microarray-based transcriptome profiling in mycorrhizal symbioses
H Küster, A Becker, C Firnhaber, N Hohnjec, K Manthey, AM Perlick, ...
Phytochemistry 68 (1), 19-32, 2007
Genomic organization and expression properties of the MtSucS1 gene, which encodes a nodule-enhanced sucrose synthase in the model legume Medicago truncatula
N Hohnjec, JD Becker, A Pühler, AM Perlick, H Küster
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Evidence for transcriptional and post-translational regulation of sucrose synthase in pea nodules by the cellular redox state
D Marino, N Hohnjec, H Küster, JF Moran, EM González, C Arrese-Igor
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Pre-announcement of symbiotic guests: transcriptional reprogramming by mycorrhizal lipochitooligosaccharides shows a strict co-dependency on the GRAS transcription factors NSP1 …
N Hohnjec, LF Czaja-Hasse, C Hogekamp, H Küster
BMC genomics 16 (1), 1-16, 2015
Transcriptional snapshots provide insights into the molecular basis of arbuscular mycorrhiza in the model legume Medicago truncatula
N Hohnjec, K Henckel, T Bekel, J Gouzy, M Dondrup, A Goesmann, ...
Functional Plant Biology 33 (8), 737-748, 2006
The broad bean nodulin VfENOD18 is a member of a novel family of plant proteins with homologies to the bacterial MJ0577 superfamily
N Hohnjec, H Küster, U Albus, SC Frosch, JD Becker, A Pühler, ...
Molecular and General Genetics MGG 264 (3), 241-250, 2000
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