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Critical differences in 3D atomic structure of individual ligand-protected nanocrystals in solution
BH Kim, J Heo, S Kim, CF Reboul, H Chun, D Kang, H Bae, H Hyun, J Lim, ...
Science 368 (6486), 60-67, 2020
First-principles database driven computational neural network approach to the discovery of active ternary nanocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
J Kang, SH Noh, J Hwang, H Chun, H Kim, B Han
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (38), 24539-24544, 2018
First principles computational study on the adsorption mechanism of organic methyl iodide gas on triethylenediamine impregnated activated carbon
H Chun, J Kang, B Han
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (47), 32050-32056, 2016
Unique design of superior metal-organic framework for removal of toxic chemicals in humid environment via direct functionalization of the metal nodes
GY Cha, H Chun, DY Hong, J Kim, KH Cho, UH Lee, JS Chang, SG Ryu, ...
Journal of Hazardous Materials 398, 122857, 2020
Design of highly efficient adsorbents for removal of gaseous methyl iodide using tertiary amine-impregnated activated carbon: Integrated experimental and first-principles approach
K Ho, H Chun, HC Lee, Y Lee, S Lee, H Jung, B Han, CH Lee
Chemical Engineering Journal 373, 1003-1011, 2019
Ultrastable molybdenum disulfide-based electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution in acidic media
Y Zhao, J Hwang, MT Tang, H Chun, X Wang, H Zhao, K Chan, B Han, ...
Journal of Power Sources 456, 227998, 2020
First-Principles Design of Highly Functional Sulfide Electrolyte of Li10−xSnP2S12−xClx for All Solid-State Li-Ion Battery Applications
K Nam, H Chun, J Hwang, B Han
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8 (8), 3321-3327, 2020
First principles computational studies of spontaneous reduction reaction of Eu (III) in eutectic LiCl‐KCl molten salt
C Kwon, SH Noh, H Chun, IS Hwang, B Han
International Journal of Energy Research 42 (8), 2757-2765, 2018
First-principles mechanism study on distinct optoelectronic properties of Cl-doped 2D hybrid tin iodide perovskite
SJ Hong, H Chun, KA Min, B Han
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8 (28), 9540-9548, 2020
First-principle-data-integrated machine-learning approach for high-throughput searching of ternary electrocatalyst toward oxygen reduction reaction
H Chun, E Lee, K Nam, JH Jang, W Kyoung, SH Noh, B Han
Chem Catalysis 1 (4), 855-869, 2021
Optical bioelectronic nose of outstanding sensitivity and selectivity toward volatile organic compounds implemented with genetically engineered bacteriophage: Integrated study …
J Park, JM Lee, H Chun, Y Lee, SJ Hong, H Jung, YJ Kim, WG Kim, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 177, 112979, 2021
First principles computational study on hydrolysis of hazardous chemicals phosphorus trichloride and oxychloride (PCl3 and POCl3) catalyzed by molecular water clusters
H Jung, J Kang, H Chun, B Han
Journal of hazardous materials 341, 457-463, 2018
Pairing of transition metal dichalcogenides and doped graphene for catalytically dual active interfaces for the hydrogen evolution reaction
K Nam, H Chun, J Hwang, KA Min, B Han
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8 (29), 10852-10858, 2020
Universal scaling relationship to screen an efficient metallic adsorbent for adsorptive removal of iodine gas under humid conditions: first-principles study
H Chun, J Kang, B Han
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (22), 11799-11806, 2018
Accelerated N2 reduction kinetics in hybrid interfaces of NbTiO4 and nitrogen-doped carbon nanorod via synergistic electronic coupling effect
DK Yesudoss, H Chun, B Han, S Shanmugam
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 304, 120938, 2022
n-Type thermoelectric properties of a hexagonal SiGe polymorph superior to a cubic SiGe
SJ Hong, H Chun, C Kwon, B Han
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 874, 160007, 2021
High quantum efficiency and stability of biohybrid quantum dots nanojunctions in bacteriophage-constructed perovskite
JM Lee, JW Choi, I Jeon, Y Zhu, T Yang, H Chun, J Shin, J Park, J Bang, ...
Materials Today Nano 13, 100099, 2021
Tuning the Electronic Structure and Inverse Degree of Inverse Spinel Ferrites by Integrating Samarium Orthoferrite for Efficient Water Oxidation
J Choi, D Kim, SJ Hong, X Zhang, H Hong, H Chun, B Han, LYS Lee, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 121504, 2022
Design of a unique anion framework in halospinels for outstanding performance of all solid-state Li-ion batteries: first-principles approach
H Chun, K Nam, SJ Hong, J Kang, B Han
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (28), 15605-15612, 2021
Elucidation of hydrolysis reaction mechanism of tungsten hexafluoride (WF6) using first-principles calculations
H Jung, J Hwang, H Chun, B Han
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 70, 99-102, 2019
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