Zhongbin Wu
Zhongbin Wu
NPU; TU Dresden; University of Toronto
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Stabilizing black-phase formamidinium perovskite formation at room temperature and high humidity
W Hui, L Chao, H Lu, F Xia, Q Wei, Z Su, T Niu, L Tao, B Du, D Li, Y Wang, ...
Science 371 (6536), 1359-1364, 2021
Recent advances in white organic light-emitting diodes
Z Wu, D Ma
Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports 107, 1-42, 2016
High‐Performance Hybrid White Organic Light‐Emitting Diodes with Superior Efficiency/Color Rendering Index/Color Stability and Low Efficiency Roll‐Off Based on a Blue Thermally …
Z Wu, J Luo, N Sun, L Zhu, H Sun, L Yu, D Yang, X Qiao, J Chen, C Yang, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (19), 3306-3313, 2016
Molecular design to regulate the photophysical properties of multifunctional TADF emitters towards high-performance TADF-based OLEDs with EQEs up to 22.4% and small efficiency …
L Yu, Z Wu, G Xie, W Zeng, D Ma, C Yang
Chemical Science 9 (5), 1385-1391, 2018
Teaching an old acceptor new tricks: rationally employing 2, 1, 3-benzothiadiazole as input to design a highly efficient red thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitter
F Ni, Z Wu, Z Zhu, T Chen, K Wu, C Zhong, K An, D Wei, D Ma, C Yang
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (6), 1363-1368, 2017
Achieving a balance between small singlet–triplet energy splitting and high fluorescence radiative rate in a quinoxaline-based orange-red thermally activated delayed …
L Yu, Z Wu, G Xie, C Zhong, Z Zhu, H Cong, D Ma, C Yang
Chemical Communications 52 (73), 11012-11015, 2016
Review and perspective of materials for flexible solar cells
X Li, P Li, Z Wu, D Luo, HY Yu, ZH Lu
Materials Reports: Energy 1 (1), 100001, 2021
Polyphenylbenzene as a platform for deep-blue OLEDs: aggregation enhanced emission and high external quantum efficiency of 3.98%
X Zhan, N Sun, Z Wu, J Tu, L Yuan, X Tang, Y Xie, Q Peng, Y Dong, Q Li, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (5), 1847-1854, 2015
Flexible perovskite solar cells with high power-per-weight: progress, application, and perspectives
Y Hu, T Niu, Y Liu, Y Zhou, Y Xia, C Ran, Z Wu, L Song, ...
ACS Energy Letters 6 (8), 2917-2943, 2021
Strategic-tuning of radiative excitons for efficient and stable fluorescent white organic light-emitting diodes
Z Wu, Y Liu, L Yu, C Zhao, D Yang, X Qiao, J Chen, C Yang, H Kleemann, ...
Nature Communications 10 (1), 2380, 2019
Benzene-cored AIEgens for deep-blue OLEDs: high performance without hole-transporting layers, and unexpected excellent host for orange emission as a side-effect
X Zhan, Z Wu, Y Lin, Y Xie, Q Peng, Q Li, D Ma, Z Li
Chemical Science 7 (7), 4355-4363, 2016
Management of singlet and triplet excitons: a universal approach to high‐efficiency all fluorescent WOLEDs with reduced efficiency roll‐off using a conventional fluorescent emitter
Z Wu, L Yu, X Zhou, Q Guo, J Luo, X Qiao, D Yang, J Chen, C Yang, D Ma
Advanced Optical Materials 4 (7), 1067-1074, 2016
An efficient exciton harvest route for high-performance OLEDs based on aggregation-induced delayed fluorescence
L Yu, Z Wu, G Xie, C Zhong, Z Zhu, D Ma, C Yang
Chemical Communications 54 (11), 1379-1382, 2018
Architecture of pin Sn-based perovskite solar cells: characteristics, advances, and perspectives
N Sun, W Gao, H Dong, Y Liu, X Liu, Z Wu, L Song, C Ran, Y Chen
ACS Energy Letters 6 (8), 2863-2875, 2021
Reduced efficiency roll-off in all-phosphorescent white organic light-emitting diodes with an external quantum efficiency of over 20%
L Zhu, Z Wu, J Chen, D Ma
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (14), 3304-3310, 2015
Managing excitons and charges for high-performance fluorescent white organic light-emitting diodes
Z Wu, Q Wang, L Yu, J Chen, X Qiao, T Ahamad, SM Alshehri, C Yang, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (42), 28780-28788, 2016
Precise exciton allocation for highly efficient white organic light‐emitting diodes with low efficiency roll‐off based on blue thermally activated delayed fluorescent exciplex …
Z Wu, L Yu, F Zhao, X Qiao, J Chen, F Ni, C Yang, T Ahamad, SM Alshehri, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (20), 1700415, 2017
Emitters with a pyridine-3, 5-dicarbonitrile core and short delayed fluorescence lifetimes of about 1.5 μs: orange-red TADF-based OLEDs with very slow efficiency roll-offs at …
Z Chen, Z Wu, F Ni, C Zhong, W Zeng, D Wei, K An, D Ma, C Yang
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (24), 6543-6548, 2018
Pure Organic Emitter with Simultaneous Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence and Room‐Temperature Phosphorescence: Thermal‐Controlled Triplet Recycling Channels
L Yu, Z Wu, C Zhong, G Xie, Z Zhu, D Ma, C Yang
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (24), 1700588, 2017
Triazine-phosphine oxide electron transporter for ultralow-voltage-driven sky blue PHOLEDs
J Jia, L Zhu, Y Wei, Z Wu, H Xu, D Ding, R Chen, D Ma, W Huang
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (19), 4890-4902, 2015
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