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Janina Seubert
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Statistical localization of human olfactory cortex
J Seubert, J Freiherr, J Djordjevic, JN Lundström
Neuroimage 66, 333-342, 2013
Processing of disgusted faces is facilitated by odor primes: a functional MRI study
J Seubert, T Kellermann, J Loughead, F Boers, C Brensinger, F Schneider, ...
Neuroimage 53 (2), 746-756, 2010
Extended visual simultaneity thresholds in patients with schizophrenia
A Giersch, L Lalanne, C Corves, J Seubert, Z Shi, J Foucher, MA Elliott
Schizophrenia bulletin 35 (4), 816-825, 2008
Orbitofrontal cortex and olfactory bulb volume predict distinct aspects of olfactory performance in healthy subjects
J Seubert, J Freiherr, J Frasnelli, T Hummel, JN Lundström
Cerebral Cortex 23 (10), 2448-2456, 2012
Mood induction with olfactory stimuli reveals differential affective responses in males and females
J Seubert, AF Rea, J Loughead, U Habel
Chemical senses 34 (1), 77-84, 2008
Multisensory integration of emotionally valenced olfactory–visual information in patients with schizophrenia and healthy controls
J Seubert, J Loughead, T Kellermann, F Boers, CM Brensinger, U Habel
Journal of psychiatry & neuroscience: JPN 35 (3), 185, 2010
Straight after the turn: The role of the parietal lobes in egocentric space processing
J Seubert, GW Humphreys, HJ Müller, K Gramann
Neurocase 14 (2), 204-219, 2008
Odor valence linearly modulates attractiveness, but not age assessment, of invariant facial features in a memory-based rating task
J Seubert, KM Gregory, J Chamberland, JM Dessirier, JN Lundström
PloS one 9 (5), e98347, 2014
Superadditive opercular activation to food flavor is mediated by enhanced temporal and limbic coupling
J Seubert, K Ohla, Y Yokomukai, T Kellermann, JN Lundström
Human brain mapping 36 (5), 1662-1676, 2015
Neural responses to dynamic multimodal stimuli and pathology-specific impairments of social cognition in schizophrenia and depression
C Regenbogen, T Kellermann, J Seubert, DA Schneider, RE Gur, B Derntl, ...
The British Journal of Psychiatry 206 (3), 198-205, 2015
Prevalence and correlates of olfactory dysfunction in old age: a population-based study
J Seubert, EJ Laukka, D Rizzuto, T Hummel, L Fratiglioni, L Bäckman, ...
Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biomedical Sciences and Medical Sciences …, 2017
Neural processing of emotion in multimodal settings
M Klasen, B Kreifelts, YH Chen, J Seubert, K Mathiak
Frontiers in human neuroscience 8, 822, 2014
Opposing amygdala and ventral striatum connectivity during emotion identification
TD Satterthwaite, DH Wolf, AE Pinkham, K Ruparel, MA Elliott, JN Valdez, ...
Brain and cognition 76 (3), 353-363, 2011
Olfactory memory in the old and very old: relations to episodic and semantic memory and APOE genotype
M Larsson, M Hedner, G Papenberg, J Seubert, L Bäckman, EJ Laukka
Neurobiology of aging 38, 118-126, 2016
Phantom smells: prevalence and correlates in a population-based sample of older adults
S Sjölund, M Larsson, JK Olofsson, J Seubert, EJ Laukka
Chemical senses 42 (4), 309-318, 2017
The intraparietal sulcus governs multisensory integration of audiovisual information based on task difficulty
C Regenbogen, J Seubert, E Johansson, A Finkelmeyer, P Andersson, ...
Human brain mapping 39 (3), 1313-1326, 2018
Prefrontal control over occipital responses to crossmodal overlap varies across the congruency spectrum
JN Lundström, C Regenbogen, K Ohla, J Seubert
Cerebral Cortex, 2018
Multisensory flavor perception: The relationship between congruency, pleasantness, and odor referral to the mouth
R Fondberg, JN Lundström, M Blöchl, MJ Olsson, J Seubert
Appetite 125, 244-252, 2018
Impaired olfaction is associated with cognitive decline and neurodegeneration in the brain
CS Dintica, A Marseglia, D Rizzuto, R Wang, J Seubert, K Arfanakis, ...
Neurology 92 (7), e700-e709, 2019
Behavioral and neural determinants of odor valence perception
J Seubert, C Regenbogen, U Habel, JN Lundström
Springer Handbook of Odor, 99-100, 2017
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