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3D printing of electrically conductive hydrogels for tissue engineering and biosensors–A review
T Distler, AR Boccaccini
Acta biomaterialia 101, 1-13, 2020
Polymer-bioactive glass composite filaments for 3D scaffold manufacturing by fused deposition modeling: fabrication and characterization
T Distler, N Fournier, A Grünewald, C Polley, H Seitz, R Detsch, ...
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 8, 552, 2020
3D printing of piezoelectric barium titanate-hydroxyapatite scaffolds with interconnected porosity for bone tissue engineering
C Polley, T Distler, R Detsch, H Lund, A Springer, AR Boccaccini, H Seitz
Materials 13 (7), 1773, 2020
3D printed oxidized alginate-gelatin bioink provides guidance for C2C12 muscle precursor cell orientation and differentiation via shear stress during bioprinting
T Distler, AA Solisito, D Schneidereit, O Friedrich, R Detsch, ...
Biofabrication 12 (4), 045005, 2020
Electrically Conductive and 3D-Printable Oxidized Alginate-Gelatin Polypyrrole: PSS Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering
T Distler, C Polley, F Shi, D Schneidereit, MD Ashton, O Friedrich, JF Kolb, ...
Advanced healthcare materials, e2001876, 2021
Ionically and enzymatically dual cross-linked oxidized alginate gelatin hydrogels with tunable stiffness and degradation behavior for tissue engineering
T Distler, K McDonald, S Heid, E Karakaya, R Detsch, AR Boccaccini
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 6 (7), 3899-3914, 2020
3D printing and characterization of human nasoseptal chondrocytes laden dual crosslinked oxidized alginate-gelatin hydrogels for cartilage repair approaches
S Schwarz, S Kuth, T Distler, C Gögele, K Stölzel, R Detsch, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 116, 111189, 2020
3D Bioprinting of Multifunctional Dynamic Nanocomposite Bioinks Incorporating Cu‐Doped Mesoporous Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles for Bone Tissue Engineering
H Zhu, M Monavari, K Zheng, T Distler, L Ouyang, S Heid, Z Jin, J He, D Li, ...
Small 18 (12), 2104996, 2022
Physico-chemical modification of gelatine for the improvement of 3D printability of oxidized alginate-gelatine hydrogels towards cartilage tissue engineering
T Kreller, T Distler, S Heid, S Gerth, R Detsch, AR Boccaccini
Materials & Design 208, 109877, 2021
Biofabrication of vessel-like structures with alginate di-aldehyde—gelatin (ADA-GEL) bioink
F Ruther, T Distler, AR Boccaccini, R Detsch
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 30, 1-14, 2019
Complex mechanical behavior of human articular cartilage and hydrogels for cartilage repair
A Weizel, T Distler, D Schneidereit, O Friedrich, L Bräuer, F Paulsen, ...
Acta Biomaterialia 118, 113-128, 2020
Alginate-based hydrogels show the same complex mechanical behavior as brain tissue
T Distler, E Schaller, P Steinmann, AR Boccaccini, S Budday
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 111, 103979, 2020
Neuronal differentiation from induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurospheres by the application of oxidized alginate-gelatin-laminin hydrogels
T Distler, I Lauria, R Detsch, CM Sauter, F Bendt, J Kapr, S Rütten, ...
Biomedicines 9 (3), 261, 2021
Development of 3D Biofabricated Cell Laden Hydrogel Vessels and a Low-Cost Desktop Printed Perfusion Chamber for In Vitro Vessel Maturation
T Distler, F Ruther, AR Boccaccini, R Detsch
Macromolecular Biosciences 19 (9), 1900245, 2019
Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell‐Derived Neural Progenitor Cells Produce Distinct Neural 3D In Vitro Models Depending on Alginate/Gellan Gum/Laminin Hydrogel Blend Properties
J Kapr, L Petersilie, T Distler, I Lauria, F Bendt, CM Sauter, AR Boccaccini, ...
Advanced Healthcare Materials 10 (16), 2100131, 2021
Mechanical properties of cell-and microgel bead-laden oxidized alginate-gelatin hydrogels
T Distler, L Kretzschmar, D Schneidereit, S Girardo, R Goswami, ...
Biomaterials Science 9 (8), 3051-3068, 2021
3D printed gelatin/decellularized bone composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering: Fabrication, characterization and cytocompatibility study
A Kara, T Distler, C Polley, D Schneidereit, H Seitz, O Friedrich, ...
Materials Today Bio 15, 100309, 2022
Biodegradable polylactide supraparticle powders with functional additives for biomedical additive manufacturing
H Canziani, B Hanschmann, F Tischer, A Sommereyns, T Distler, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 32 (39), 2205730, 2022
Hyperelastic parameter identification of human articular cartilage and substitute materials
A Weizel, T Distler, R Detsch, AR Boccaccini, L Bräuer, F Paulsen, H Seitz, ...
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 133, 105292, 2022
Long-term corrosion behavior of poly-l-lactic acid coated magnesium in dulbecco’s modified eagle medium at body temperature
F Singer, T Distler, S Virtanen
International Journal of Electrochemical Science 9 (12), 7965-7976, 2014
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