Michael Bauer
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Adaptive subwavelength control of nano-optical fields
M Aeschlimann, M Bauer, D Bayer, T Brixner, FJG De Abajo, W Pfeiffer, ...
Nature 446 (7133), 301-304, 2007
Collapse of long-range charge order tracked by time-resolved photoemission at high momenta
T Rohwer, S Hellmann, M Wiesenmayer, C Sohrt, A Stange, B Slomski, ...
Nature 471 (7339), 490-493, 2011
Ultrafast spin-dependent electron dynamics in fcc Co
M Aeschlimann, M Bauer, S Pawlik, W Weber, R Burgermeister, D Oberli, ...
Physical review letters 79 (25), 5158, 1997
Time-domain classification of charge-density-wave insulators
S Hellmann, T Rohwer, M Kalläne, K Hanff, C Sohrt, A Stange, A Carr, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 1-8, 2012
Determination of spin injection and transport in a ferromagnet/organic semiconductor heterojunction by two-photon photoemission
M Cinchetti, K Heimer, JP Wüstenberg, O Andreyev, M Bauer, S Lach, ...
Nature materials 8 (2), 115-119, 2009
Direct observation of surface chemistry using ultrafast soft-X-ray pulses
M Bauer, C Lei, K Read, R Tobey, J Gland, MM Murnane, HC Kapteyn
Physical Review Letters 87 (2), 025501, 2001
Competing nonradiative channels for hot electron induced surface photochemistry
M Aeschlimann, M Bauer, S Pawlik
Chemical physics 205 (1-2), 127-141, 1996
Hot electron lifetimes in metals probed by time-resolved two-photon photoemission
M Bauer, A Marienfeld, M Aeschlimann
Progress in Surface Science 90 (3), 319-376, 2015
Ultrafast Melting of a Charge-Density Wave in the Mott Insulator 1 T-TaS 2
S Hellmann, M Beye, C Sohrt, T Rohwer, F Sorgenfrei, H Redlin, ...
Physical review letters 105 (18), 187401, 2010
Spin-flip processes and ultrafast magnetization dynamics in Co: Unifying the microscopic and macroscopic view of femtosecond magnetism
M Cinchetti, MS Albaneda, D Hoffmann, T Roth, JP Wüstenberg, M Krauß, ...
Physical review letters 97 (17), 177201, 2006
Time-resolved two photon photoemission electron microscopy
O Schmidt, M Bauer, C Wiemann, R Porath, M Scharte, O Andreyev, ...
Applied Physics B 74 (3), 223-227, 2002
Resonance lifetime and energy of an excited Cs state on Cu (111)
M Bauer, S Pawlik, M Aeschlimann
Physical Review B 55 (15), 10040, 1997
Spatiotemporal control of nanooptical excitations
M Aeschlimann, M Bauer, D Bayer, T Brixner, S Cunovic, F Dimler, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (12), 5329-5333, 2010
Space charge effects in photoemission with a low repetition, high intensity femtosecond laser source
S Passlack, S Mathias, O Andreyev, D Mittnacht, M Aeschlimann, M Bauer
Journal of applied physics 100 (2), 024912, 2006
Decay dynamics of photoexcited alkali chemisorbates: Real-time investigations in the femtosecond regime
M Bauer, S Pawlik, M Aeschlimann
Physical Review B 60 (7), 5016, 1999
Time-and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with optimized high-harmonic pulses using frequency-doubled Ti: Sapphire lasers
S Eich, A Stange, AV Carr, J Urbancic, T Popmintchev, M Wiesenmayer, ...
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 195, 231-236, 2014
Transport and dynamics of optically excited electrons in metals
M Aeschlimann, M Bauer, S Pawlik, R Knorren, G Bouzerar, ...
Applied Physics A 71 (5), 485-491, 2000
Quantum-well-induced giant spin-orbit splitting
S Mathias, A Ruffing, F Deicke, M Wiesenmayer, I Sakar, G Bihlmayer, ...
Physical review letters 104 (6), 066802, 2010
Direct measurement of core-level relaxation dynamics on a surface-adsorbate system
L Miaja-Avila, G Saathoff, S Mathias, J Yin, C La-O-Vorakiat, M Bauer, ...
Physical review letters 101 (4), 046101, 2008
Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with a femtosecond high harmonic light source using a two-dimensional imaging electron analyzer
S Mathias, L Miaja-Avila, MM Murnane, H Kapteyn, M Aeschlimann, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 78 (8), 083105, 2007
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