Riko I Made
Riko I Made
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Effect of copper TSV annealing on via protrusion for TSV wafer fabrication
A Heryanto, WN Putra, A Trigg, S Gao, WS Kwon, FX Che, XF Ang, J Wei, ...
Journal of electronic materials 41 (9), 2533-2542, 2012
Study of low-temperature thermocompression bonding in Ag-In solder for packaging applications
RI Made, CL Gan, LL Yan, A Yu, SW Yoon, JH Lau, C Lee
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Impact of deposition conditions on the crystallization kinetics of amorphous GeTe films
CY Khoo, H Liu, WA Sasangka, RI Made, N Tamura, M Kunz, AS Budiman, ...
Journal of materials science 51 (4), 1864-1872, 2016
Role of two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) ON-state degradation
GJ Syaranamual, WA Sasangka, RI Made, S Arulkumaran, GI Ng, SC Foo, ...
Microelectronics Reliability 64, 589-593, 2016
Experimental characterization and modeling of the contact resistance of Cu–Cu bonded interconnects
HL Leong, CL Gan, RI Made, CV Thompson, KL Pey, HY Li
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MOCVD growth of GaN on SEMI-spec 200 mm Si
L Zhang, KH Lee, IM Riko, CC Huang, A Kadir, KE Lee, SJ Chua, ...
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Improved reliability of AlGaN/GaN-on-Si high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) with high density silicon nitride passivation
WA Sasangka, GJ Syaranamual, Y Gao, RI Made, CL Gan, CV Thompson
Microelectronics Reliability 76, 287-291, 2017
Threading dislocation movement in AlGaN/GaN-on-Si high electron mobility transistors under high temperature reverse bias stressing
WA Sasangka, GJ Syaranamual, RI Made, CV Thompson, CL Gan
AIP Advances 6 (9), 095102, 2016
Pb-free glass paste: a metallization-free die-attachment solution for high-temperature application on ceramic substrates
A Sharif, J zhang Lim, RI Made, FL Lau, EJR Phua, JD Lim, CC Wong, ...
Journal of electronic materials 42 (8), 2667-2676, 2013
Experimental characterization and modeling of the mechanical properties of Cu–Cu thermocompression bonds for three-dimensional integrated circuits
RI Made, CL Gan, L Yan, KHB Kor, HL Chia, KL Pey, CV Thompson
Acta materialia 60 (2), 578-587, 2012
Heteroepitaxial growth of In0.30Ga0.70As high-electron mobility transistor on 200 mm silicon substrate using metamorphic graded buffer
D Kohen, XS Nguyen, S Yadav, A Kumar, RI Made, C Heidelberger, ...
AIP Advances 6 (8), 085106, 2016
Preventing phase separation in MOCVD-grown InAlAs compositionally graded buffer on silicon substrate using InGaAs interlayers
D Kohen, XS Nguyen, RI Made, C Heidelberger, KH Lee, KEK Lee, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 478, 64-70, 2017
Effect of direct current stressing to Cu–Cu bond interface imperfection for three dimensional integrated circuits
RI Made, P Lan, HY Li, CL Gan, CS Tan
Microelectronic engineering 106, 149-154, 2013
Direct bandgap photoluminescence from n-type indirect GaInP alloys
C Wang, B Wang, RI Made, SF Yoon, J Michel
Photonics Research 5 (3), 239-244, 2017
Direct MOCVD epitaxy of GaAsP on SiGe virtual substrate without growth of SiGe
B Wang, C Wang, DA Kohen, RI Made, KEK Lee, T Kim, T Milakovich, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 441, 78-83, 2016
Germanium-on-insulator virtual substrate for InGaP epitaxy
S Bao, KH Lee, C Wang, B Wang, RI Made, SF Yoon, J Michel, ...
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 70, 17-23, 2017
Electrical behavior of Au–Ge eutectic solder under aging for solder bump application in high temperature Electronics
FL Lau, RI Made, WN Putra, JZ Lim, VC Nachiappan, JL Aw, CL Gan
Microelectronics Reliability 53 (9-11), 1581-1586, 2013
MOCVD growth of high quality InGaAs HEMT layers on large scale Si wafers for heterogeneous integration with Si CMOS
XS Nguyen, S Yadav, KH Lee, D Kohen, A Kumar, RI Made, KEK Lee, ...
IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing 30 (4), 456-461, 2017
Fabrication of III-V virtual substrate on 200 mm silicon for III-V and Si devices integration
D Kohen, RI Made, S Bao, KH Lee, KEK Lee, C Seng
CS MANTECH Conference, Scottsdale, Arizona, 18-21, 2015
Characterization of copper conductive ink for low temperature sintering processing on flexible polymer substrate
J Kim, B Lee, JY Lek, RI Made, B Salam, CL Gan
2014 IEEE 16th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC), 27-30, 2014
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