Dr. Genaro A. Gelves
Dr. Genaro A. Gelves
3M Canada
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Electrical and electromagnetic interference shielding properties of flow-induced oriented carbon nanotubes in polycarbonate
M Arjmand, M Mahmoodi, GA Gelves, S Park, U Sundararaj
Carbon 49 (11), 3430-3440, 2011
Highly electrically conductive and high performance EMI shielding nanowire/polymer nanocomposites by miscible mixing and precipitation
GA Gelves, MH Al-Saleh, U Sundararaj
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MH Al-Saleh, GA Gelves, U Sundararaj
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GA Gelves, B Lin, U Sundararaj, JA Haber
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GA Gelves, Z Murakami, M Krantz, JA Haber
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MH Al-Saleh, GA Gelves, U Sundararaj
Materials & Design (1980-2015) 52, 128-133, 2013
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Macromolecular rapid communications 26 (21), 1677-1681, 2005
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GA Gelves, B Lin, U Sundararaj, JA Haber
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X Luo, GA Gelves, U Sundararaj, JL Luo
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 91 (4), 630-637, 2013
Electrical, morphological and rheological study of melt‐mixed polystyrene/copper nanowire nanocomposites
B Lin, GA Gelves, JA Haber, P Pötschke, U Sundararaj
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S Lakshminarayanan, GA Gelves, U Sundararaj
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Effect of clay surfactant type and clay content on the rheology and morphology of uncured fluoroelastomer/clay nanocomposites prepared by melt‐mixing
S Lakshminarayanan, B Lin, GA Gelves, U Sundararaj
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Modification of montmorillonite with alkyl silanes and fluorosurfactant for clay/fluoroelastomer (FKM) nanocomposites
M Khajehpour, GA Gelves, U Sundararaj
Clays and Clay Minerals 63 (1), 1-14, 2015
Enhancing dispersion of copper nanowires in melt‐mixed polystyrene composites
GA Gelves, B Lin, JA Haber, U Sundararaj
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 46 (19), 2064-2078, 2008
Nanomaterial composites and methods of making
U Sundararaj, G Gelves, M Al-Saleh
US Patent App. 13/146,241, 2011
Water transport in polylactide and polylactide/montmorillonite composites
A Du, GA Gelves, D Koo, U Sundararaj, R Cairncross
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Facile one step‐synthesis and characterisation of high aspect ratio core‐shell copper‐polyaniline nanowires
A Sarvi, GA Gelves, U Sundararaj
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 92 (7), 1207-1212, 2014
Novel Metal Nanowire/Polymer Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
H Al-Saleh, GA Gelves, U Sundarara
NSTI-Nanotech 2, 505, 2009
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