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Quantification of hydrothermal degradation in zirconia by nanoindentation
Y Gaillard, E Jiménez-Piqué, F Soldera, F Mücklich, M Anglada
Acta Materialia 56 (16), 4206-4216, 2008
Electronic structures of , and CuO: A joint experimental and theoretical study
Y Wang, S Lany, J Ghanbaja, Y Fagot-Revurat, YP Chen, F Soldera, ...
Physical Review B 94 (24), 245418, 2016
Description of the discharge process in spark plugs and its correlation with the electrode erosion patterns
FA Soldera, FT Mucklich, K Hrastnik, T Kaiser
IEEE transactions on vehicular technology 53 (4), 1257-1265, 2004
Formation of Al2O3 Scales on Single-Phase RuAl Produced by Reactive Sintering
F Soldera, N Ilić, S Brännström, I Barrientos, H Gobran, F Mücklich
Oxidation of metals 59 (5-6), 529-542, 2003
Elemental depth profiling of fluoridated hydroxyapatite: saving your dentition by the skin of your teeth?
F Müller, C Zeitz, H Mantz, KH Ehses, F Soldera, J Schmauch, M Hannig, ...
Langmuir 26 (24), 18750-18759, 2010
Electrochemical behavior of nanocrystalline Ta/TaN multilayer on 316L stainless steel: Novel bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel-cells
M Alishahi, F Mahboubi, SMM Khoie, M Aparicio, R Hübner, F Soldera, ...
Journal of Power Sources 322, 1-9, 2016
Tuning the structure and preferred orientation in reactively sputtered copper oxide thin films
Y Wang, J Ghanbaja, F Soldera, S Migot, P Boulet, D Horwat, F Mücklich, ...
Applied Surface Science 335, 85-91, 2015
Determination of the cathode erosion and temperature for the phases of high voltage discharges using FEM simulations
F Soldera, A Lasagni, F Mücklich, T Kaiser, K Hrastnik
Computational materials science 32 (1), 123-139, 2005
Reactivity at the Ln2NiO4+ δ/electrolyte interface (Ln= La, Nd) studied by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy
A Montenegro-Hernández, A Soldati, L Mogni, H Troiani, A Schreiber, ...
Journal of Power Sources 265, 6-13, 2014
Focused ion beam tomography of zirconia degraded under hydrothermal conditions
E Jiménez-Piqué, A Ramos, JA Muñoz-Tabares, A Hatton, F Soldera, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 32 (10), 2129-2136, 2012
Oxidation damage of spark plug electrodes
J Rager, A Flaig, G Schneider, T Kaiser, F Soldera, F Mücklich
Advanced Engineering Materials 7 (7), 633-640, 2005
Near-room temperature single-domain epitaxy of reactively sputtered ZnO films
W Chamorro, D Horwat, P Pigeat, P Miska, S Migot, F Soldera, P Boulet, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (23), 235107, 2013
Quantitative investigation of material erosion caused by high-pressure discharges in air and nitrogen
A Lasagni, F Soldera, F Mücklich
Zeitschrift für Metallkunde 95 (2), 102-108, 2004
Heteroepitaxy of SnO2 Nanowire Arrays on TiO2 Single Crystals: Growth Patterns and Tomographic Studies
J Pan, H Shen, U Werner, JD Prades, F Hernandez-Ramirez, F Soldera, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (31), 15191-15197, 2011
Oxidation behavior of Ru (Al)–RuAl intermetallic eutectics produced by ingot and powder metallurgy
N Ilić, F Soldera, F Mücklich
Intermetallics 13 (5), 444-453, 2005
Microstructural thermal stability of CNT-reinforced composites processed by severe plastic deformation
S Suarez, F Lasserre, F Soldera, R Pippan, F Mücklich
Materials Science and Engineering: A 626, 122-127, 2015
Study of near surface changes in yttria-doped tetragonal zirconia after low temperature degradation
FG Marro, R Chintapalli, P Hvizdos, F Soldera, F Mücklich, M Anglada
International Journal of Materials Research 100 (1), 92-96, 2009
X-ray absorption near-edge structure of hexagonal ternary phases in sputter-deposited TiAlN films
R Gago, F Soldera, R Hübner, J Lehmann, F Munnik, L Vazquez, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 561, 87-94, 2013
Influence of the microstructure on the formation of alumina scales on near stoichiometric RuAl produced by arc melting
F Soldera, N Ilić, NM Conesa, I Barrientos, F Mücklich
Intermetallics 13 (1), 101-107, 2005
Controlling the preferred orientation in sputter-deposited Cu2O thin films: Influence of the initial growth stage and homoepitaxial growth mechanism
Y Wang, J Ghanbaja, F Soldera, P Boulet, D Horwat, F Mücklich, ...
Acta materialia 76, 207-212, 2014
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