Oliver Henning
Oliver Henning
Consultant at the national epilepsy centre in Norway
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Sitert av
Automated real-time detection of tonic-clonic seizures using a wearable EMG device
S Beniczky, I Conradsen, O Henning, M Fabricius, P Wolf
Neurology 90 (5), e428-e434, 2018
Proconvulsant effects of antidepressants—What is the current evidence?
CJ Landmark, O Henning, SI Johannessen
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Psychiatric comorbidity in children and youth with epilepsy: an association with executive dysfunction?
KÅ Alfstad, H Torgersen, B Van Roy, E Hessen, BH Hansen, O Henning, ...
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Sexual dysfunction in people with epilepsy
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Fast evaluation of interictal spikes in long‐term EEG by hyper‐clustering
M Scherg, N Ille, D Weckesser, A Ebert, A Ostendorf, T Boppel, ...
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Withdrawal of antiepileptic drugs during presurgical video‐EEG monitoring: an observational study for evaluation of current practice at a referral center for epilepsy
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Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 129 (4), 243-251, 2014
Utilisation and polypharmacy aspects of antiepileptic drugs in elderly versus younger patients with epilepsy: a pharmacoepidemiological study of CNS-active drugs in Norway …
A Baftiu, SA Feet, PG Larsson, ML Burns, O Henning, E Sætre, E Molden, ...
Epilepsy research 139, 35-42, 2018
Amantadine increases gait steadiness in frontal gait disorder due to subcortical vascular encephalopathy: a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial based on …
H Baezner, M Oster, O Henning, S Cohen, MG Hennerici
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Nonadherence to treatment regimens in epilepsy from the patient's perspective and predisposing factors: differences between intentional and unintentional lack of adherence
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Epilepsia 60 (5), e58-e62, 2019
Discrepancies between physicians' prescriptions and patients' use of antiepileptic drugs
M Mevaag, O Henning, A Baftiu, AG Granas, SI Johannessen, KO Nakken, ...
Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 135 (1), 80-87, 2017
People with epilepsy and their relatives want more information about risks of injuries and premature death
O Henning, KO Nakken, MI Lossius
Epilepsy & Behavior 82, 6-10, 2018
Psychiatric comorbidity and use of psychotropic drugs in epilepsy patients
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Sexual problems in people with refractory epilepsy
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Norwegian population‐based study of long‐term effects, safety, and predictors of response of vagus nerve stimulation treatment in drug‐resistant epilepsy: The NORPulse study
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Sleep problems in children and adolescents with epilepsy: associations with psychiatric comorbidity
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People with epilepsy still feel stigmatized
O Henning, C Buer, KO Nakken, MI Lossius
Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 144 (3), 312-316, 2021
Refractory epilepsy and nonadherence to drug treatment
O Henning, MI Lossius, M Lima, M Mevåg, A Villagran, KO Nakken, ...
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Pharmacological treatment of psychiatric comorbidity in patients with refractory epilepsy
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Sexual function in people with epilepsy: Similarities and differences with the general population
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Challenges in epilepsy—The perspective of Norwegian epilepsy patients
O Henning, CJ Landmark, D Henning, KO Nakken, MI Lossius
Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 140 (1), 40-47, 2019
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