Andrias O O'Reilly
Andrias O O'Reilly
Lecturer of Neurobiology
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Modelling insecticide-binding sites in the voltage-gated sodium channel
AO O'Reilly, BPS Khambay, MS Williamson, LM Field, BA Wallace, ...
Biochemical Journal 396 (2), 255-263, 2006
Sodium channelopathies and pain
A Lampert, AO O’Reilly, P Reeh, A Leffler
Pflügers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology 460 (2), 249-263, 2010
Mutations in DIIS5 and the DIIS4–S5 linker of Drosophila melanogaster sodium channel define binding domains for pyrethroids and DDT
PNR Usherwood, TGE Davies, IR Mellor, AO O’reilly, F Peng, H Vais, ...
Febs Letters 581 (28), 5485-5492, 2007
Knockdown resistance to DDT and pyrethroids: from target‐site mutations to molecular modelling
TGE Davies, AO O'Reilly, LM Field, BA Wallace, MS Williamson
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Voltage-gated sodium channels as targets for pyrethroid insecticides
LM Field, TGE Davies, AO O’reilly, MS Williamson, BA Wallace
European Biophysics Journal 46 (7), 675-679, 2017
Bisphenol A binds to the local anesthetic receptor site to block the human cardiac sodium channel
AO O’Reilly, E Eberhardt, C Weidner, C Alzheimer, BA Wallace, ...
Public Library of Science 7 (7), e41667, 2012
Inherited pain: sodium channel Nav1. 7 A1632T mutation causes erythromelalgia due to a shift of fast inactivation
M Eberhardt, J Nakajima, AB Klinger, C Neacsu, K Hühne, AO O'Reilly, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (4), 1971-1980, 2014
Synchrotron radiation circular dichroism spectroscopy-defined structure of the C-terminal domain of NaChBac and its role in channel assembly
AM Powl, AO O’Reilly, AJ Miles, BA Wallace
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (32), 14064-14069, 2010
Binding of the anticonvulsant drug lamotrigine and the neurotoxin batrachotoxin to voltage-gated sodium channels induces conformational changes associated with block and steady …
NB Cronin, A O'Reilly, H Duclohier, BA Wallace
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (12), 10675-10682, 2003
Predictive 3D modelling of the interactions of pyrethroids with the voltage‐gated sodium channels of ticks and mites
AO O'Reilly, MS Williamson, J González‐Cabrera, A Turberg, LM Field, ...
Pest management science 70 (3), 369-377, 2014
A pore-blocking hydrophobic motif at the cytoplasmic aperture of the closed-state Nav1. 7 channel is disrupted by the erythromelalgia-associated F1449V mutation
A Lampert, AO O'Reilly, SD Dib-Hajj, L Tyrrell, BA Wallace, SG Waxman
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Effects of deglycosylation of sodium channels on their structure and function
NB Cronin, A O'Reilly, H Duclohier, BA Wallace
Biochemistry 44 (2), 441-449, 2005
A point mutation in the glutamate‐gated chloride channel of Plutella xylostella is associated with resistance to abamectin
X Wang, R Wang, Y Yang, S Wu, AO O'Reilly, Y Wu
Insect Molecular Biology 25 (2), 116-125, 2016
The opioid methadone induces a local anaesthetic‐like inhibition of the cardiac Na+ channel, Nav1.5
V Schulze, C Stoetzer, AO O'Reilly, E Eberhardt, N Foadi, J Ahrens, ...
British journal of pharmacology 171 (2), 427-437, 2014
Tetrameric bacterial sodium channels: characterization of structure, stability, and drug binding
G Nurani, M Radford, K Charalambous, AO O’reilly, NB Cronin, S Haque, ...
Biochemistry 47 (31), 8114-8121, 2008
Thermal and chemical unfolding and refolding of a eukaryotic sodium channel
K Charalambous, AO O'Reilly, PA Bullough, BA Wallace
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 1788 (6), 1279-1286, 2009
p53 is an important regulator of CCL2 gene expression
X Tang, M Asano, A O'Reilly, A Farquhar, Y Yang, S Amar
Current molecular medicine 12 (8), 929-943, 2012
Association of neonicotinoid insensitivity with a conserved residue in the loop D binding region of the tick nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
L Erdmanis, AO O’Reilly, MS Williamson, LM Field, A Turberg, BA Wallace
Biochemistry 51 (23), 4627-4629, 2012
Erythromelalgia mutation Q875E Stabilizes the activated state of sodium channel Nav1. 7
T Stadler, AO O'Reilly, A Lampert
Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (10), 6316-6325, 2015
An evolutionarily-unique heterodimeric voltage-gated cation channel found in aphids
JS Amey, AO O’Reilly, MJ Burton, AM Puinean, IR Mellor, IR Duce, ...
FEBS letters 589 (5), 598-607, 2015
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