Vladimir V. Volkov
Vladimir V. Volkov
Chief researcher, Polymeric membrane laboratory, A.V. Topchiev institute of petrochemical synthesis
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Constraint on the matter–antimatter symmetry-violating phase in neutrino oscillations
Nature 580 (7803), 339-344, 2020
Extraction of butanol from aqueous solutions by pervaporation through poly (1-trimethylsilyl-1-propyne)
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Search for heavy neutrinos with the T2K near detector ND280
K Abe, R Akutsu, A Ali, C Andreopoulos, L Anthony, M Antonova, S Aoki, ...
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Free volume structure and transport properties of glassy polymers—materials for separating membranes
VV Volkov
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GA Dibrov, VV Volkov, VP Vasilevsky, AA Shutova, SD Bazhenov, ...
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Effects of synthesis conditions on the pervaporation properties of poly [1‐(trimethylsilyl)‐1‐propyne] useful for membrane bioreactors
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Metal nanoparticles in catalytic polymer membranes and ion-exchange systems for advanced purification of water from molecular oxygen
VV Volkov, TA Kravchenko, VI Roldughin
Russian Chemical Reviews 82 (5), 465, 2013
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