Dimitrios Alexios Karras
Dimitrios Alexios Karras
Prof. Dr. Intelligent & Distributed Digital Systems, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
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Computer-aided tumor detection in endoscopic video using color wavelet features
SA Karkanis, DK Iakovidis, DE Maroulis, DA Karras, M Tzivras
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Fault tree analysis and fuzzy expert systems: Early warning and emergency response of landfill operations
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A dynamic channel assignment simulation system for large scale cellular telecommunications
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On neural network techniques in the secure management of communication systems through improving and quality assessing pseudorandom stream generators
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Efficient information theoretic strategies for classifier combination, feature extraction and performance evaluation in improving false positives and false negatives for spam e …
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An efficient feature extraction methodology for computer vision applications using wavelet compressed Zernike moments
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Efficient Image Compression of Medical Images Using the Wavelet Transform and Fuzzy c-means Clustering on Regions of Interest.
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Supervised and unsupervised neural network methods applied to textile quality control based on improved wavelet feature extraction techniques
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Transfer function determination of singular systems using the DFT
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New PDE-based methods for image enhancement using SOM and Bayesian inference in various discretization schemes
DA Karras, GB Mertzios
Measurement Science and Technology 20 (10), 104012, 2009
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