Jennifer Hoyal Cuthill
Jennifer Hoyal Cuthill
IADS Research Fellow, University of Essex
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Fractal branching organizations of Ediacaran rangeomorph fronds reveal a lost Proterozoic body plan
JFH Cuthill, SC Morris
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (36), 13122-13126, 2014
Integrated records of environmental change and evolution challenge the Cambrian Explosion
R Wood, AG Liu, F Bowyer, PR Wilby, FS Dunn, CG Kenchington, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 3 (4), 528-538, 2019
Phylogenetic codivergence supports coevolution of mimetic Heliconius butterflies
JH Cuthill, M Charleston
PLoS One 7 (5), e36464, 2012
Cambrian petalonamid Stromatoveris phylogenetically links Ediacaran biota to later animals
JF Hoyal Cuthill, J Han
Palaeontology 61 (6), 813-823, 2018
A simple model explains the dynamics of preferential host switching among mammal RNA viruses
JH Cuthill, MA Charleston
Evolution: International Journal of Organic Evolution 67 (4), 980-990, 2013
Deep learning on butterfly phenotypes tests evolution’s oldest mathematical model
JFH Cuthill, N Guttenberg, S Ledger, R Crowther, B Huertas
Science advances 5 (8), eaaw4967, 2019
Wing patterning genes and coevolution of Müllerian mimicry in Heliconius butterflies: Support from phylogeography, cophylogeny, and divergence times
JF Hoyal Cuthill, M Charleston
Evolution 69 (12), 3082-3096, 2015
Nutrient-dependent growth underpinned the Ediacaran transition to large body size
JFH Cuthill, SC Morris
Nature Ecology & Evolution 1 (8), 1201-1204, 2017
The morphological state space revisited: what do phylogenetic patterns in homoplasy tell us about the number of possible character states?
JF Hoyal Cuthill
Interface focus 5 (6), 20150049, 2015
A formula for maximum possible steps in multistate characters: isolating matrix parameter effects on measures of evolutionary convergence
JFH Cuthill, SJ Braddy, PCJ Donoghue
Cladistics 26 (1), 98-102, 2010
Australian spiny mountain crayfish and their temnocephalan ectosymbionts: an ancient association on the edge of coextinction?
JF Hoyal Cuthill, KB Sewell, LRG Cannon, MA Charleston, S Lawler, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 (1831), 20160585, 2016
Multi‐jawed chaetognaths from the Chengjiang Lagerstätte (Cambrian, Series 2, Stage 3) of Yunnan, China
D Shu, S Conway Morris, J Han, JF Hoyal Cuthill, Z Zhang, M Cheng, ...
Palaeontology 60 (6), 763-772, 2017
The size of the character state space affects the occurrence and detection of homoplasy: modelling the probability of incompatibility for unordered phylogenetic characters
JH Cuthill
Journal of theoretical biology 366, 24-32, 2015
Sclerite-bearing annelids from the lower Cambrian of South China
J Han, SC Morris, JFH Cuthill, D Shu
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-11, 2019
Hunting Darwin's Snark: which maps shall we use?
S Conway Morris, JF Hoyal Cuthill, S Gerber
Interface Focus 5 (6), 20150078, 2015
Impacts of speciation and extinction measured by an evolutionary decay clock
JFH Cuthill, N Guttenberg, GE Budd
Nature, 1-6, 2020
A possible Cambrian stem-group gnathiferan-chaetognath from the Weeks Formation (Miaolingian) of Utah
S Conway Morris, RDA Smith, JFH Cuthill, E Bonino, R Lerosey-Aubril
Journal of Paleontology 94 (4), 624-636, 2020
Fullerene‐like structures of Cretaceous crinoids reveal topologically limited skeletal possibilities
JF Hoyal Cuthill, AW Hunter
Palaeontology, 2020
Quantification of evolutionary convergence via phylogenetic analysis: a mathematical computer simulation and comparative study
JF Hoyal Cuthill
University of Cambridge, 2011
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