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Surface modified cellulose nanomaterials: a source of non-spherical nanoparticles for drug delivery
YY Khine, MH Stenzel
Materials Horizons 7 (7), 1727-1758, 2020
Light-responsive azobenzene-based glycopolymer micelles for targeted drug delivery to melanoma cells
S Pearson, D Vitucci, YY Khine, A Dag, H Lu, M Save, L Billon, ...
European Polymer Journal 69, 616-627, 2015
Drug-induced morphology transition of self-assembled glycopolymers: insight into the drug–polymer interaction
C Cao, J Zhao, F Chen, M Lu, YY Khine, A Macmillan, CJ Garvey, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (15), 5227-5236, 2018
Polyion complex micelle based on albumin–polymer conjugates: multifunctional oligonucleotide transfection vectors for anticancer chemotherapeutics
Y Jiang, H Lu, YY Khine, A Dag, MH Stenzel
Biomacromolecules 15 (11), 4195-4205, 2014
Covalent tethering of temperature responsive pNIPAm onto TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanofibrils via three-component passerini reaction
YY Khine, S Ganda, MH Stenzel
ACS Macro Letters 7 (4), 412-418, 2018
Functional groups in graphene oxide
YY Khine, X Wen, X Jin, T Foller, R Joshi
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 24 (43), 26337-26355, 2022
Sugar concentration and arrangement on the surface of glycopolymer micelles affect the interaction with cancer cells
M Lu, YY Khine, F Chen, C Cao, CJ Garvey, H Lu, MH Stenzel
Biomacromolecules 20 (1), 273-284, 2018
Direct Correlation Between Zeta Potential and Cellular Uptake of Poly (methacrylic acid) Post‐Modified with Guanidinium Functionalities
YY Khine, M Callari, H Lu, MH Stenzel
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 217 (20), 2302-2309, 2016
A new 3D organotypic model of ovarian cancer to help evaluate the antimetastatic activity of RAPTA-C conjugated micelles
M Lu, CE Henry, H Lai, YY Khine, CE Ford, MH Stenzel
Biomaterials science 7 (4), 1652-1660, 2019
Photo‐Induced Modification of Nanocellulose: The Design of Self‐Fluorescent Drug Carriers
YY Khine, R Batchelor, R Raveendran, MH Stenzel
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 41 (1), 1900499, 2020
Dual‐Responsive pH and Temperature Sensitive Nanoparticles Based on Methacrylic Acid and Di (ethylene glycol) Methyl Ether Methacrylate for the Triggered Release of Drugs
YY Khine, Y Jiang, A Dag, H Lu, MH Stenzel
Macromolecular Bioscience 15 (8), 1091-1104, 2015
Graphene oxide membranes for effective removal of humic acid
X Ren, D Ji, X Wen, H Bustamante, R Daiyan, T Foller, YY Khine, R Joshi
Journal of Materials Research 37 (20), 3362-3371, 2022
Surface functionalities of graphene oxide with varying flake size
YY Khine, X Ren, D Chu, Y Nishina, T Foller, R Joshi
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 61 (19), 6531-6536, 2022
Trehalose coated nanocellulose to inhibit the infections by S. aureus
Y Li, M Milewska, YY Khine, N Ariotti, MH Stenzel
Polymer Chemistry 13 (11), 1502-1509, 2022
Removal of chlorine and monochloramine from tap water using graphene oxide membranes
T Foller, X Wen, YY Khine, D Ji, T Gupta, M Muller, C Scret, R Joshi
Journal of Membrane Science 686, 122022, 2023
Dual drug delivery system of RAPTA-C and paclitaxel based on fructose coated nanoparticles for metastatic cancer treatment
M Lu, S Wang, YY Khine, Y Hong, J Zheng, H Lu, MH Stenzel
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 640, 134-141, 2023
Fabrication process independent and robust aggregation of detonation nanodiamonds in aqueous media
IC Kuschnerus, H Wen, X Zeng, YY Khine, J Ruan, CJ Su, US Jeng, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 139, 110199, 2023
Drug-loading content influences cellular uptake of polymer-coated nanocellulose
R Al-Nakashli, R Raveendran, YY Khine, C Cao, S McKay, H Lu, ...
Molecular Pharmaceutics 20 (4), 2017-2028, 2023
A non-spherical nanoparticles system for the delivery of peptides using polymer grafted nanocellulose
YY Khine, Y Li, W Ge, MH Stenzel
Colloid and Polymer Science, 1-16, 2024
Conjugation of Ruthenium drugs to Nanocellulose using Boronic Ester.
M Lu, YY Khine, Y Shen, MH Stenzel
Current Drug Delivery, 2023
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