Adriano Bolondi
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Mouse embryonic stem cells self-organize into trunk-like structures with neural tube and somites
JV Veenvliet, A Bolondi, H Kretzmer, L Haut, M Scholze-Wittler, D Schifferl, ...
Science 370 (6522), eaba4937, 2020
A CLK3-HMGA2 alternative splicing axis impacts human hematopoietic stem cell molecular identity throughout development
M Cesana, MH Guo, D Cacchiarelli, L Wahlster, J Barragan, S Doulatov, ...
Cell Stem Cell 22 (4), 575-588. e7, 2018
In vivo dissection of a clustered-CTCF domain boundary reveals developmental principles of regulatory insulation
C Anania, RD Acemel, J Jedamzick, A Bolondi, G Cova, N Brieske, ...
Nature Genetics 54 (7), 1026-1036, 2022
Emergence and patterning dynamics of mouse-definitive endoderm
M Pour, AS Kumar, N Farag, A Bolondi, H Kretzmer, M Walther, L Wittler, ...
Iscience 25 (1), 2022
Hypoxia induces an early primitive streak signature, enhancing spontaneous elongation and lineage representation in gastruloids
N Lpez-Anguita, SI Gassaloglu, M Sttzel, A Bolondi, D Conkar, M Typou, ...
Development 149 (20), dev200679, 2022
Topological isolation of developmental regulators in mammalian genomes
HJ Wu, A Landshammer, EK Stamenova, A Bolondi, H Kretzmer, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 4897, 2021
Spatiotemporal transcriptomic maps of whole mouse embryos at the onset of organogenesis
A Sampath Kumar, L Tian, A Bolondi, AA Hernndez, R Stickels, ...
Nature Genetics 55 (7), 1176-1185, 2023
Dynamic antagonism between key repressive pathways maintains the placental epigenome
R Weigert, S Hetzel, N Bailly, C Haggerty, IA Ilik, PYK Yung, C Navarro, ...
Nature Cell Biology 25 (4), 579-591, 2023
Integrated molecular-phenotypic profiling reveals metabolic control of morphological variation in stembryos
A Villaronga Luque, RG Savill, N Lpez-Anguita, A Bolondi, S Garai, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.12. 04.569921, 2023
Generation of mouse pluripotent stem cell-derived trunk-like structures: an in vitro model of post-implantation embryogenesis
A Bolondi, L Haut, SI Gassaloglu, P Burton, H Kretzmer, R Buschow, ...
Bio-protocol 11 (11), e4042-e4042, 2021
Single-cell technologies: a new lens into epigenetic regulation in development
A Bolondi, H Kretzmer, A Meissner
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 76, 101947, 2022
What is a gene? A two sided view
A Bolondi, F Caldarelli, F Di Felice, D Durano, G Germani, L Michetti, ...
Evolutionary Biology 44, 1-4, 2017
T-REX17 is a transiently expressed non-coding RNA essential for human endoderm formation
A Landshammer, A Bolondi, H Kretzmer, C Much, R Buschow, A Rose, ...
ELife 12, e83077, 2023
Reconstructing axial progenitor field dynamics in mouse stem cell-derived embryoids
A Bolondi, BK Law, H Kretzmer, SI Gassaloglu, R Buschow, ...
Developmental cell, 2024
Discovery and characterization of LNCSOX17 as an essential regulator in human endoderm formation
A Landshammer, A Bolondi, H Kretzmer, C Much, R Buschow, A Rose, ...
bioRxiv, 2022.09. 12.507139, 2022
Extraembryonic gut endoderm cells undergo programmed cell death during development
J Batki, S Hetzel, D Schifferl, A Bolondi, M Walther, L Wittler, ...
Nature Cell Biology, 1-10, 2024
Generation and molecular characterization of mouse embryonic stem cells derived Trunk-Like Structures
A Bolondi
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