Yuriy Azhniuk | Юрій Ажнюк
Yuriy Azhniuk | Юрій Ажнюк
Senior Researcher, Institute of Electron Physics, Nat. Acad. Sci. Ukr., Uzhhorod, Ukraine
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Raman scattering studies of Cu6PS5Hal (Hal= Cl, Br and I) fastion conductors
IP Studenyak, VO Stefanovich, M Kranjčec, DI Desnica, YM Azhnyuk, ...
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YM Azhniuk, AG Milekhin, AV Gomonnai, VV Lopushansky, ...
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Growth and spectroscopic characterization of CdSe nanoparticles synthesized from CdCl2 and Na2SeSO3 in aqueous gelatine solutions
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Vibrational spectroscopy of compound semiconductor nanocrystals
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Confinement‐, surface‐ and disorder‐related effects in the resonant Raman spectra of nanometric CdS1−xSex crystals
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Fundamental optical absorption edge and exciton–phonon interaction in Cu6PS5Br superionic ferroelastic
IP Studenyak, M Kranjčec, GS Kovacs, VV Pan'ko, YM Azhniuk, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 52 (2-3), 202-207, 1998
Thermal treatment-dependent chemical composition of ternary CdS1− xSex nanocrystals grown in borosilicate glass
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Observation of torsional mode in CdS1− xSex nanoparticles in a borosilicate glass
SK Gupta, S Sahoo, PK Jha, AK Arora, YM Azhniuk
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Growth and characterisation of sulphur-rich TlIn (S1− xSex) 2 single crystals
AV Gomonnai, I Petryshynets, YM Azhniuk, OO Gomonnai, IY Roman, ...
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Photoinduced changes in the structure of As2S3-based SbSI nanocrystal-containing composites studied by Raman spectroscopy
YM Azhniuk, P Bhandiwad, VM Rubish, PP Guranich, OG Guranich, ...
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Phonon spectroscopy of CdSe1–x Tex nanocrystals grown in a borosilicate glass
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AV Gomonnai, YM Azhniuk, VV Lopushansky, IG Megela, II Turok, ...
Physical Review B 65 (24), 245327, 2002
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