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Oliver Rupp
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The complete Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 13032 genome sequence and its impact on the production of L-aspartate-derived amino acids and vitamins
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GenDB—an open source genome annotation system for prokaryote genomes
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Nucleic acids research 31 (8), 2187-2195, 2003
Genome sequence of the ubiquitous hydrocarbon-degrading marine bacterium Alcanivorax borkumensis
S Schneiker, VAPM dos Santos, D Bartels, T Bekel, M Brecht, ...
Nature biotechnology 24 (8), 997-1004, 2006
Insights into genome plasticity and pathogenicity of the plant pathogenic bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria revealed by the complete genome sequence
F Thieme, R Koebnik, T Bekel, C Berger, J Boch, D Büttner, C Caldana, ...
Journal of bacteriology 187 (21), 7254-7266, 2005
The genome of the recently domesticated crop plant sugar beet (Beta vulgaris)
JC Dohm, AE Minoche, D Holtgräwe, S Capella-Gutiérrez, F Zakrzewski, ...
Nature 505 (7484), 546-549, 2014
Complete genome sequence and analysis of the multiresistant nosocomial pathogen Corynebacterium jeikeium K411, a lipid-requiring bacterium of the human skin flora
A Tauch, O Kaiser, T Hain, A Goesmann, B Weisshaar, A Albersmeier, ...
Journal of bacteriology 187 (13), 4671-4682, 2005
Chinese hamster genome sequenced from sorted chromosomes
K Brinkrolf, O Rupp, H Laux, F Kollin, W Ernst, B Linke, R Kofler, ...
Nature biotechnology 31 (8), 694-695, 2013
EMMA: a platform for consistent storage and efficient analysis of microarray data
M Dondrup, A Goesmann, D Bartels, J Kalinowski, L Krause, B Linke, ...
Journal of biotechnology 106 (2-3), 135-146, 2003
Unraveling the Chinese hamster ovary cell line transcriptome by next-generation sequencing
J Becker, M Hackl, O Rupp, T Jakobi, J Schneider, R Szczepanowski, ...
Journal of biotechnology 156 (3), 227-235, 2011
Complete genome sequencing of Agrobacterium sp. H13-3, the former Rhizobium lupini H13-3, reveals a tripartite genome consisting of a circular and a linear chromosome and an …
D Wibberg, J Blom, S Jaenicke, F Kollin, O Rupp, B Scharf, ...
Journal of Biotechnology 155 (1), 50-62, 2011
Establishment and interpretation of the genome sequence of the phytopathogenic fungus Rhizoctonia solani AG1-IB isolate 7/3/14
D Wibberg, L Jelonek, O Rupp, M Hennig, F Eikmeyer, A Goesmann, ...
Journal of biotechnology 167 (2), 142-155, 2013
Reconstruction of the lipid metabolism for the microalga Monoraphidium neglectum from its genome sequence reveals characteristics suitable for biofuel production
C Bogen, A Al-Dilaimi, A Albersmeier, J Wichmann, M Grundmann, ...
BMC genomics 14 (1), 926, 2013
Construction of a public CHO cell line transcript database using versatile bioinformatics analysis pipelines
O Rupp, J Becker, K Brinkrolf, C Timmermann, N Borth, A Pühler, T Noll, ...
PloS one 9 (1), e85568, 2014
Radically different phylogeographies and patterns of genetic variation in two European brown frogs, genus Rana
M Vences, JS Hauswaldt, S Steinfartz, O Rupp, A Goesmann, S Künzel, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 68 (3), 657-670, 2013
Utilization and evaluation of CHO‐specific sequence databases for mass spectrometry based proteomics
P Meleady, R Hoffrogge, M Henry, O Rupp, JH Bort, C Clarke, K Brinkrolf, ...
Biotechnology and bioengineering 109 (6), 1386-1394, 2012
Computational identification of microRNA gene loci and precursor microRNA sequences in CHO cell lines
M Hackl, V Jadhav, T Jakobi, O Rupp, K Brinkrolf, A Goesmann, A Pühler, ...
Journal of biotechnology 158 (3), 151-155, 2012
The Sequence Analysis and Management System–SAMS-2.0: data management and sequence analysis adapted to changing requirements from traditional sanger sequencing to ultrafast …
T Bekel, K Henckel, H Küster, F Meyer, VM Runte, H Neuweger, ...
Journal of biotechnology 140 (1-2), 3-12, 2009
The more the better–polyandry and genetic similarity are positively linked to reproductive success in a natural population of terrestrial salamanders (S alamandra salamandra)
BA Caspers, ET Krause, R Hendrix, M Kopp, O Rupp, K Rosentreter, ...
Molecular Ecology 23 (1), 239-250, 2014
Genome analysis of the sugar beet pathogen Rhizoctonia solani AG2-2IIIB revealed high numbers in secreted proteins and cell wall degrading enzymes
D Wibberg, L Andersson, G Tzelepis, O Rupp, J Blom, L Jelonek, A Pühler, ...
BMC genomics 17 (1), 245, 2016
Building a BRIDGE for the integration of heterogeneous data from functional genomics into a platform for systems biology
A Goesmann, B Linke, O Rupp, L Krause, D Bartels, M Dondrup, ...
Journal of biotechnology 106 (2-3), 157-167, 2003
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