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Ionic self‐assembly: Facile synthesis of supramolecular materials
CFJ Faul, M Antonietti
Advanced Materials 15 (9), 673-683, 2003
Ionic self-assembly for functional hierarchical nanostructured materials
CFJ Faul
Accounts of chemical research 47 (12), 3428-3438, 2014
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T Zhang, C Spitz, M Antonietti, CFJ Faul
Chemistry-a European Journal 11 (3), 1001-1009, 2005
Highly efficient and reversible iodine capture in hexaphenylbenzene-based conjugated microporous polymers
Y Liao, J Weber, BM Mills, Z Ren, CFJ Faul
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Organized nanostructured complexes of polyoxometalates and surfactants that exhibit photoluminescence and electrochromism
T Zhang, S Liu, DG Kurth, CFJ Faul
Advanced Functional Materials 19 (4), 642-652, 2009
A Supramolecular Approach to Optically Anisotropic Materials: Photosensitive Ionic Self‐Assembly Complexes
Y Zakrevskyy, J Stumpe, CFJ Faul
Advanced Materials 18 (16), 2133-2136, 2006
Hydrogen-Bonded Polymer− Azobenzene Complexes: Enhanced Photoinduced Birefringence with High Temporal Stability through Interplay of Intermolecular Interactions
A Priimagi, J Vapaavuori, FJ Rodriguez, CFJ Faul, MT Heino, O Ikkala, ...
Chemistry of Materials 20 (20), 6358-6363, 2008
Aniline oligomers–architecture, function and new opportunities for nanostructured materials
Z Wei, CFJ Faul
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 29 (4), 280-292, 2008
Self‐Assembled Sugar‐Substituted Perylene Diimide Nanostructures with Homochirality and High Gas Sensitivity
J Hu, W Kuang, K Deng, W Zou, Y Huang, Z Wei, CFJ Faul
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (19), 4149-4158, 2012
Modulating helicity through amphiphilicity—tuning supramolecular interactions for the controlled assembly of perylenes
Y Huang, J Hu, W Kuang, Z Wei, CFJ Faul
Chemical Communications 47 (19), 5554-5556, 2011
Induced supramolecular chirality in nanostructured materials: Ionic self-assembly of perylene-chiral surfactant complexes
D Franke, M Vos, M Antonietti, NAJM Sommerdijk, CFJ Faul
Chemistry of materials 18 (7), 1839-1847, 2006
Fluorescent Microporous Polyimides Based on Perylene and Triazine for Highly CO2-Selective Carbon Materials
Y Liao, J Weber, CFJ Faul
Macromolecules 48 (7), 2064-2073, 2015
Facile synthesis of optically functional, highly organized nanostructures: dye–surfactant complexes
CFJ Faul, M Antonietti
Chemistry-a European Journal 8 (12), 2764-2768, 2002
Ionic self-assembly of dye− surfactant complexes: influence of tail lengths and dye architecture on the phase morphology
Y Guan, M Antonietti, CFJ Faul
Langmuir 18 (15), 5939-5945, 2002
Helical supramolecular aggregates, mesoscopic organisation and nanofibers of a perylenebisimide–chiral surfactant complex via ionic self-assembly
Y Huang, Y Yan, BM Smarsly, Z Wei, CFJ Faul
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (16), 2356-2362, 2009
Effect of Extraction Procedure on Measured Sugar Concentrations in Onion (Allium cepa L.) Bulbs
F Davis, LA Terry, GA Chope, CFJ Faul
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 55 (11), 4299-4306, 2007
Alignment of a Perylene‐Based Ionic Self‐Assembly Complex in Thermotropic and Lyotropic Liquid‐Crystalline Phases
Y Zakrevskyy, CFJ Faul, Y Guan, J Stumpe
Advanced Functional Materials 14 (9), 835-841, 2004
Self‐Assembly and Electrical Conductivity Transitions in Conjugated Oligoaniline–Surfactant Complexes
Z Wei, T Laitinen, B Smarsly, O Ikkala, CFJ Faul
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 44 (5), 751-756, 2005
Conjugated Microporous Polycarbazole Networks as Precursors for Nitrogen-Enriched Microporous Carbons for CO2 Storage and Electrochemical Capacitors
H Wang, Z Cheng, Y Liao, J Li, J Weber, A Thomas, CFJ Faul
Chemistry of Materials 29 (11), 4885-4893, 2017
Synthesis of supramolecular polymers by ionic self‐assembly of oppositely charged dyes
Y Guan, SH Yu, M Antonietti, C Böttcher, CFJ Faul
Chemistry-A European Journal 11 (4), 1305-1311, 2005
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