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Caspase signalling controls microglia activation and neurotoxicity
MA Burguillos, T Deierborg, E Kavanagh, A Persson, N Hajji, ...
Nature 472 (7343), 319-324, 2011
The single intranigral injection of LPS as a new model for studying the selective effects of inflammatory reactions on dopaminergic system
AJ Herrera, A Castano, JL Venero, J Cano, A Machado
Neurobiology of disease 7 (4), 429-447, 2000
Aquaporins in the central nervous system
JL Venero, ML Vizuete, A Machado, J Cano
Progress in neurobiology 63 (3), 321-336, 2001
Differential upregulation of aquaporin-4 mRNA expression in reactive astrocytes after brain injury: potential role in brain edema
ML Vizuete, JL Venero, C Vargas, AA Ilundain, M Echevarra, A Machado, ...
Neurobiology of disease 6 (4), 245-258, 1999
Stress increases vulnerability to inflammation in the rat prefrontal cortex
RM De Pablos, RF Villaran, S Argüelles, AJ Herrera, JL Venero, A Ayala, ...
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Minocycline reduces the lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory reaction, peroxynitrite-mediated nitration of proteins, disruption of the blood–brain barrier, and damage in the …
M Tomás-Camardiel, I Rite, AJ Herrera, RM de Pablos, J Cano, ...
Neurobiology of disease 16 (1), 190-201, 2004
Detailed localization of aquaporin-4 messenger RNA in the CNS: preferential expression in periventricular organs
JL Venero, ML Vizuete, AA Ilundain, A Machado, M Echevarria, J Cano
Neuroscience 94 (1), 239-250, 1999
Microglia-secreted galectin-3 acts as a toll-like receptor 4 ligand and contributes to microglial activation
MA Burguillos, M Svensson, T Schulte, A Boza-Serrano, ...
Cell reports 10 (9), 1626-1638, 2015
Stress is critical for LPS-induced activation of microglia and damage in the rat hippocampus
AM Espinosa-Oliva, RM De Pablos, RF Villarán, S Argüelles, JL Venero, ...
Neurobiology of aging 32 (1), 85-102, 2011
Blood–brain barrier disruption highly induces aquaporin‐4 mRNA and protein in perivascular and parenchymal astrocytes: protective effect by estradiol treatment in …
M Tomas‐Camardiel, JL Venero, AJ Herrera, RM De Pablos, ...
Journal of neuroscience research 80 (2), 235-246, 2005
Blood–brain barrier disruption induces in vivo degeneration of nigral dopaminergic neurons
I Rite, A Machado, J Cano, JL Venero
Journal of neurochemistry 101 (6), 1567-1582, 2007
Ulcerative colitis exacerbates lipopolysaccharide‐induced damage to the nigral dopaminergic system: potential risk factor in Parkinsons disease
RF Villarán, AM Espinosa‐Oliva, M Sarmiento, RM De Pablos, ...
Journal of neurochemistry 114 (6), 1687-1700, 2010
Chronic stress enhances microglia activation and exacerbates death of nigral dopaminergic neurons under conditions of inflammation
RM de Pablos, AJ Herrera, AM Espinosa-Oliva, M Sarmiento, MF Muñoz, ...
Journal of neuroinflammation 11 (1), 34, 2014
Inflammatory process as a determinant factor for the degeneration of substantia nigra dopaminergic neurons
AJ Herrera, M Tomas-Camardiel, JL Venero, J Cano, A Machado
Journal of neural transmission 112 (1), 111-119, 2005
Chronic stress as a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease
A Machado, AJ Herrera, RM de Pablos, AM Espinosa-Oliva, M Sarmiento, ...
Reviews in the Neurosciences 25 (6), 785-804, 2014
Expression of neurotrophin and trk receptor genes in adult rats with fimbria transections: effect of intraventricular nerve growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor …
JL Venero, B Knüsel, KD Beck, F Hefti
Neuroscience 59 (4), 797-815, 1994
Group II metabotropic glutamate receptor activation protects striatal dopaminergic nerve terminals against MPP+‐induced neurotoxicity along with brain‐derived …
ER Matarredona, M Santiago, JL Venero, J Cano, A Machado
Journal of neurochemistry 76 (2), 351-360, 2001
Apoptosis-inducing factor mediates dopaminergic cell death in response to LPS-induced inflammatory stimulus: evidence in Parkinson's disease patients
MA Burguillos, N Hajji, E Englund, A Persson, AM Cenci, A Machado, ...
Neurobiology of disease 41 (1), 177-188, 2011
Peripheral inflammation increases the deleterious effect of CNS inflammation on the nigrostriatal dopaminergic system
MC Hernández-Romero, MJ Delgado-Cortés, M Sarmiento, ...
Neurotoxicology 33 (3), 347-360, 2012
In vivo expression of aquaporin‐4 by reactive microglia
M Tomás‐Camardiel, JL Venero, RM De Pablos, I Rite, A Machado, ...
Journal of neurochemistry 91 (4), 891-899, 2004
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