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Ultrastructure of the dermal chromatophores in a lizard (Scincidae: Plestiodon latiscutatus) with conspicuous body and tail coloration
T Kuriyama, K Miyaji, M Sugimoto, M Hasegawa
Zoological science 23 (9), 793-799, 2006
Soft tissue evidence for homeothermy and crypsis in a Jurassic ichthyosaur
J Lindgren, P Sjövall, V Thiel, W Zheng, S Ito, K Wakamatsu, R Hauff, ...
Nature 564, 359-365, 2018
Small-scale variation in ecosystem CO 2 fluxes in an alpine meadow depends on plant biomass and species richness
M Hirota, P Zhang, S Gu, H Shen, T Kuriyama, Y Li, Y Tang
Journal of plant research 123 (4), 531-541, 2010
A time‐calibrated phylogenetic approach to assessing the phylogeography, colonization history and phenotypic evolution of snakes in the Japanese Izu Islands
T Kuriyama, MC Brandley, A Katayama, A Mori, M Honda, M Hasegawa
Journal of Biogeography 38 (2), 259-271, 2011
Biochemistry and colouration of an exceptionally preserved juvenile fossil sea turtle
J Lindgren, T Kuriyama, H Madsen, P Sjövall, W Zheng, P Uvdal, ...
Scientific Reports 7, 13324, 2017
Pigment cell mechanisms underlying dorsal color‐pattern polymorphism in the japanese four‐lined snake
T Kuriyama, H Misawa, K Miyaji, M Sugimoto, M Hasegawa
Journal of morphology 274 (12), 1353-1364, 2013
Snake and bird predation drive the repeated convergent evolution of correlated life history traits and phenotype in the Izu Island scincid lizard (Plestiodon latiscutatus)
MC Brandley, T Kuriyama, M Hasegawa
PLoS One 9 (3), e92233, 2014
Exploring the drivers of wildlife population dynamics from insufficient data by Bayesian model averaging
Y Osada, T Kuriyama, M Asada, H Yokomizo, T Miyashita
Population Ecology 57 (3), 485-493, 2015
Cellular basis of anti-predator adaptation in a lizard with autotomizable blue tail against specific predators with different colour vision.
T Kuriyama, G Morimoto, K Miyaji, M Hasegawa
Journal of Zoology 300 (2), 89-98, 2016
栗山武, 山端直人, 高木俊
兵庫ワイルドライフモノグラフ 10, 1-8, 2018
Pigment cell mechanism of post-embryonic stripe-pattern formation in the Japanese four-lined snake
A Murakami, M Hasegawa, T Kuriyama
Journal of Morphology 227 (2), 196-203, 2016
Iridophore- and xanthophore-deficient melanistic color variant of the lizard Plestiodon latiscutatus
T Kuriyama, T Okamoto, K Miyaji, M Hasegawa
Herpetologica 72 (3), 189-195, 2016
Blue, black, and stripes: evolution and development of color production and pattern formation in lizards and snakes
M Hasegawa, T Kuriyama, M Brandley, A Murakami
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8, 232, 2020
Light reflection from crystal platelets in iridophores determines green or brown skin coloration in Takydromus lizards.
T Kuriyama, J Esashi, M Hasegawa
Zoology 121, 83-90, 2017
Numerical study on the structural color of blue birds by a disordered porous photonic crystal model
T Ueta, G Fujii, G Morimoto, K Miyamoto, A Kosaku, T Kuriyama, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 107 (3), 34004, 2014
First record of Amblymma geoemydae tick on the snake Dinodon semicarinatum, with records of ticks on snakes in Japan
M Takahashi, H Misumi, T Kaito, T Kuriyama, H Fujita
Annual Report of Ohara General Hospital 51, 35-38, 2011
Estimating range expansion of wildlife in heterogeneous landscapes: A spatially explicit state‐space matrix model coupled with an improved numerical integration technique
Y Osada, T Kuriyama, M Asada, H Yokomizo, T Miyashita
Ecology and Evolution, 2018
密度推定に基づいたタヌキに対する外来哺乳類 (アライグマ・ハクビシン) の影響
栗山武夫, 小井土美香, 長田穣, 浅田正彦, 横溝裕行, 宮下直
保全生態学研究 23 (1), 9-17, 2018
Embryonic developmental process governing the conspicuousness of body stripes and blue tail coloration in the lizard Plestiodon latiscutatus
T Kuriyama, M Hasegawa
Evolution & Development 19 (1), 29-39, 2017
An impact assessment of the alien lizard Plestiodon japonicus (Scincidae, Reptilia) on a threatened island population of the native lizard P. latiscutatus at an early phase of …
T Okamoto, T Kuriyama, K Goka
Biological invasions 15 (9), 2029-2037, 2013
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