Peter O'Shaughnessy
Peter O'Shaughnessy
Professor of Reproductive Biology, IBAHCM, University of Glasgow
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Hormonal control of germ cell development and spermatogenesis
PJ O'Shaughnessy
Seminars in cell & developmental biology 29, 55-65, 2014
Fetal development of Leydig cell activity in the mouse is independent of pituitary gonadotroph function
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PJ Baker, PJ O Shaughnessy
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Expression of cytochrome P450 17alpha-hydroxylase/C17-20 lyase in the fetal rat testis is reduced by maternal exposure to exogenous estrogens
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PJ O'shaughnessy, PJ Baker, H Johnston
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Localization of 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/17-ketosteroid reductase isoform expression in the developing mouse testis—androstenedione is the major androgen secreted by …
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D Rebourcet, PJ O’Shaughnessy, A Monteiro, L Milne, L Cruickshanks, ...
PloS one 9 (8), e105687, 2014
Sertoli cells control peritubular myoid cell fate and support adult Leydig cell development in the prepubertal testis
D Rebourcet, PJ O'Shaughnessy, JL Pitetti, A Monteiro, L O'Hara, L Milne, ...
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Adrenocorticotropic hormone directly stimulates testosterone production by the fetal and neonatal mouse testis
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Alternative (backdoor) androgen production and masculinization in the human fetus
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Endocrinology of the mammalian fetal testis
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Placental transporter localization and expression in the human: the importance of species, sex, and gestational age differences
N Walker, P Filis, U Soffientini, M Bellingham, PJ O’Shaughnessy, ...
Biology of reproduction 96 (4), 733-742, 2017
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