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Candida albicans pathogenicity mechanisms
FL Mayer, D Wilson, B Hube
Virulence 4 (2), 119-128, 2013
Candidalysin is a fungal peptide toxin critical for mucosal infection
DL Moyes, D Wilson, JP Richardson, S Mogavero, SX Tang, J Wernecke, ...
Nature 532 (7597), 64-68, 2016
Candida albicans dimorphism as a therapeutic target
ID Jacobsen, D Wilson, B Wächtler, S Brunke, JR Naglik, B Hube
Expert review of anti-infective therapy 10 (1), 85-93, 2012
Cellular interactions of Candida albicans with human oral epithelial cells and enterocytes
F Dalle, B Wächtler, C L'Ollivier, G Holland, N Bannert, D Wilson, ...
Cellular microbiology 12 (2), 248-271, 2010
From attachment to damage: defined genes of Candida albicans mediate adhesion, invasion and damage during interaction with oral epithelial cells
B Wächtler, D Wilson, K Haedicke, F Dalle, B Hube
PloS one 6 (2), e17046, 2011
Candida albicans-epithelial interactions: dissecting the roles of active penetration, induced endocytosis and host factors on the infection process
B Wächtler, F Citiulo, N Jablonowski, S Förster, F Dalle, M Schaller, ...
PloS one 7 (5), e36952, 2012
Candida albicans Scavenges Host Zinc via Pra1 during Endothelial Invasion
F Citiulo, ID Jacobsen, P Miramón, L Schild, S Brunke, P Zipfel, M Brock, ...
PLoS pathogens 8 (6), e1002777, 2012
The facultative intracellular pathogen Candida glabrata subverts macrophage cytokine production and phagolysosome maturation
K Seider, S Brunke, L Schild, N Jablonowski, D Wilson, O Majer, D Barz, ...
The journal of immunology 187 (6), 3072-3086, 2011
Candida albicans iron acquisition within the host
RS Almeida, D Wilson, B Hube
FEMS yeast research 9 (7), 1000-1012, 2009
Identifying infection-associated genes of Candida albicans in the postgenomic era
D Wilson, S Thewes, K Zakikhany, C Fradin, A Albrecht, R Almeida, ...
FEMS yeast research 9 (5), 688-700, 2009
Essential metals at the host–pathogen interface: nutritional immunity and micronutrient assimilation by human fungal pathogens
A Crawford, D Wilson
FEMS yeast research 15 (7), fov071, 2015
Candida albicans pathogenicity mechanisms. Virulence 4: 119–128
FL Mayer, D Wilson, B Hube
Small but Crucial: The Novel Small Heat Shock Protein Hsp21 Mediates Stress Adaptation and Virulence in Candida albicans
FL Mayer, D Wilson, ID Jacobsen, P Miramon, S Slesiona, IM Bohovych, ...
PloS one 7 (6), e38584, 2012
The Missing Link between Candida albicans Hyphal Morphogenesis and Host Cell Damage
D Wilson, JR Naglik, B Hube
PLoS pathogens 12 (10), e1005867, 2016
Host–pathogen interactions and virulence-associated genes during Candida albicans oral infections
R Martin, B Wächtler, M Schaller, D Wilson, B Hube
International Journal of Medical Microbiology 301 (5), 417-422, 2011
Processing of Candida albicans Ece1p Is Critical for Candidalysin Maturation and Fungal Virulence
JP Richardson, S Mogavero, DL Moyes, M Blagojevic, T Krüger, ...
MBio 9 (1), 10.1128/mbio. 02178-17, 2018
Zinc exploitation by pathogenic fungi
D Wilson, F Citiulo, B Hube
PLoS pathogens 8 (12), e1003034, 2012
Deletion of the high‐affinity cAMP phosphodiesterase encoded by PDE2 affects stress responses and virulence in Candida albicans
D Wilson, A Tutulan‐Cunita, WH Jung, NC Hauser, R Hernandez, ...
Molecular microbiology 65 (4), 841-856, 2007
Biphasic zinc compartmentalisation in a human fungal pathogen
AC Crawford, LE Lehtovirta-Morley, O Alamir, MJ Niemiec, B Alawfi, ...
PLoS pathogens 14 (5), e1007013, 2018
Candida albicans adhesion to and invasion and damage of vaginal epithelial cells: stage-specific inhibition by clotrimazole and bifonazole
B Wächtler, D Wilson, B Hube
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 55 (9), 4436-4439, 2011
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