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Water at charged interfaces
G Gonella, EHG Backus, Y Nagata, DJ Bonthuis, P Loche, A Schlaich, ...
Nature Reviews Chemistry 5 (7), 466-485, 2021
Liquid flow along a solid surface reversibly alters interfacial chemistry
D Lis, EHG Backus, J Hunger, SH Parekh, M Bonn
Science 344 (6188), 1138-1142, 2014
Ice-nucleating bacteria control the order and dynamics of interfacial water
R Pandey, K Usui, RA Livingstone, SA Fischer, J Pfaendtner, EHG Backus, ...
Science advances 2 (4), e1501630, 2016
Energy transport in peptide helices
V Botan, EHG Backus, R Pfister, A Moretto, M Crisma, C Toniolo, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (31), 12749-12754, 2007
Real-time observation of molecular motion on a surface
EHG Backus, A Eichler, AW Kleyn, M Bonn
science 310 (5755), 1790-1793, 2005
Experimental and theoretical evidence for bilayer-by-bilayer surface melting of crystalline ice
MA Sánchez, T Kling, T Ishiyama, MJ van Zadel, PJ Bisson, M Mezger, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (2), 227-232, 2017
Molecular Structure and Dynamics of Water at the Water–Air Interface Studied with Surface‐Specific Vibrational Spectroscopy
M Bonn, Y Nagata, EHG Backus
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (19), 5560-5576, 2015
Enhanced ordering of water at hydrophobic surfaces
S Strazdaite, J Versluis, EHG Backus, HJ Bakker
The Journal of Chemical Physics 140 (5), 2014
Molecular hydrophobicity at a macroscopically hydrophilic surface
JD Cyran, MA Donovan, D Vollmer, F Siro Brigiano, S Pezzotti, ...
Proceedings of the national academy of sciences 116 (5), 1520-1525, 2019
Molecular structure and modeling of water–air and ice–air interfaces monitored by sum-frequency generation
F Tang, T Ohto, S Sun, JR Rouxel, S Imoto, EHG Backus, S Mukamel, ...
Chemical reviews 120 (8), 3633-3667, 2020
Water orientation and hydrogen-bond structure at the fluorite/water interface
R Khatib, EHG Backus, M Bonn, MJ Perez-Haro, MP Gaigeot, M Sulpizi
Scientific reports 6 (1), 24287, 2016
Aqueous Heterogeneity at the Air/Water Interface Revealed by 2D‐HD‐SFG Spectroscopy
CS Hsieh, M Okuno, J Hunger, EHG Backus, Y Nagata, M Bonn
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (31), 8146-8149, 2014
Extreme surface propensity of halide ions in water
L Piatkowski, Z Zhang, EHG Backus, HJ Bakker, M Bonn
Nature communications 5 (1), 4083, 2014
Both inter-and intramolecular coupling of O–H groups determine the vibrational response of the water/air interface
J Schaefer, EHG Backus, Y Nagata, M Bonn
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7 (22), 4591-4595, 2016
α-Helix folding in the presence of structural constraints
JA Ihalainen, B Paoli, S Muff, EHG Backus, J Bredenbeck, GA Woolley, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (28), 9588-9593, 2008
Dynamic surface tension of surfactants in the presence of high salt concentrations
MJ Qazi, SJ Schlegel, EHG Backus, M Bonn, D Bonn, N Shahidzadeh
Langmuir 36 (27), 7956-7964, 2020
Energy transport in peptide helices: A comparison between high-and low-energy excitations
EHG Backus, PH Nguyen, V Botan, R Pfister, A Moretto, M Crisma, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (30), 9091-9099, 2008
Water bending mode at the water–vapor interface probed by sum-frequency generation spectroscopy: a combined molecular dynamics simulation and experimental study
Y Nagata, CS Hsieh, T Hasegawa, J Voll, EHG Backus, M Bonn
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4 (11), 1872-1877, 2013
Surface-specific vibrational spectroscopy of the water/silica interface: screening and interference
J Schaefer, G Gonella, M Bonn, EHG Backus
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (25), 16875-16880, 2017
Chemisorbed and Physisorbed Water at the TiO2/Water Interface
S Hosseinpour, F Tang, F Wang, RA Livingstone, SJ Schlegel, T Ohto, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 8 (10), 2195-2199, 2017
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