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The chemistry of side reactions and byproduct formation in the system NMMO/cellulose (Lyocell process)
T Rosenau, A Potthast, H Sixta, P Kosma
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The sedoheptulose kinase CARKL directs macrophage polarization through control of glucose metabolism
A Haschemi, P Kosma, L Gille, CR Evans, CF Burant, P Starkl, B Knapp, ...
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Structural and functional analyses of the secondary cell wall polymer of Bacillus sphaericus CCM 2177 that serves as an S-layer-specific anchor
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Germline antibody recognition of distinct carbohydrate epitopes
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A synthetic glycoconjugate representing the genus-specific epitope of chlamydial lipopolysaccharide exhibits the same specificity as its natural counterpart.
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Biosynthesis of dTDP-3-acetamido-3, 6-dideoxy-α-D-galactose in Aneurinibacillus thermoaerophilus L420-91T
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A Potthast, T Rosenau, J Sartori, H Sixta, P Kosma
Polymer 44 (1), 7-17, 2003
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