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Towards environmental systems biology of Shewanella
JK Fredrickson, MF Romine, AS Beliaev, JM Auchtung, ME Driscoll, ...
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Anaerobic bacterial metabolism of hydrocarbons
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Dehalococcoides mccartyi gen. nov., sp. nov., obligately organohalide-respiring anaerobic bacteria relevant to halogen cycling and bioremediation, belong to a novel bacterial …
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Molecular Identification of the Catabolic Vinyl Chloride Reductase from Dehalococcoides sp. Strain VS and Its Environmental Distribution
JA Müller, BM Rosner, G Von Abendroth, G Meshulam-Simon, ...
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Metabolism of alkylbenzenes, alkanes, and other hydrocarbons in anaerobic bacteria
AM Spormann, F Widdel
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The NASA astrobiology roadmap
DJ Des Marais, JA Nuth III, LJ Allamandola, AP Boss, JD Farmer, ...
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Growth of a Dehalococcoides-Like Microorganism on Vinyl Chloride and cis-Dichloroethene as Electron Acceptors as Determined by Competitive PCR
AM Cupples, AM Spormann, PL McCarty
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Bacteria from diverse habitats colonize and compete in the mouse gut
H Seedorf, NW Griffin, VK Ridaura, A Reyes, J Cheng, FE Rey, MI Smith, ...
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A metabolomic view of how the human gut microbiota impacts the host metabolome using humanized and gnotobiotic mice
A Marcobal, PC Kashyap, TA Nelson, PA Aronov, MS Donia, A Spormann, ...
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Extracellular enzymes facilitate electron uptake in biocorrosion and bioelectrosynthesis
JS Deutzmann, M Sahin, AM Spormann
MBio 6 (2), e00496-15, 2015
Control of Formation and Cellular Detachment from Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Biofilms by Cyclic di-GMP
KM Thormann, S Duttler, RM Saville, M Hyodo, S Shukla, Y Hayakawa, ...
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KM Thormann, RM Saville, S Shukla, AM Spormann
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Biochemistry of acetate catabolism in anaerobic chemotrophic bacteria
RK Thauer, DM Zinkhan, AM Spormann
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Linking microbial phylogeny to metabolic activity at the single-cell level by using enhanced element labeling-catalyzed reporter deposition fluorescence in situ hybridization …
S Behrens, T Lösekann, J Pett-Ridge, PK Weber, WO Ng, BS Stevenson, ...
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Gliding Motility in Bacteria: Insights from Studies ofMyxococcus xanthus
AM Spormann
Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews 63 (3), 621-641, 1999
Initial Phases of Biofilm Formation in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
KM Thormann, RM Saville, S Shukla, DA Pelletier, AM Spormann
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Anaerobic activation of toluene and o-xylene by addition to fumarate in denitrifying strain T
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Hydrogenase-independent uptake and metabolism of electrons by the archaeon Methanococcus maripaludis
ST Lohner, JS Deutzmann, BE Logan, J Leigh, AM Spormann
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Localized Plasticity in the Streamlined Genomes of Vinyl Chloride Respiring Dehalococcoides
PJ McMurdie, SF Behrens, JA Müller, J Göke, KM Ritalahti, R Wagner, ...
PLoS Genetics 5 (11), e1000714, 2009
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