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Toward tailoring Majorana bound states in artificially constructed magnetic atom chains on elemental superconductors
H Kim, A Palacio-Morales, T Posske, L Rózsa, K Palotás, L Szunyogh, ...
Science Advances 4 (5), eaar5251, 2018
Topological Shiba bands in artificial spin chains on superconductors
L Schneider, P Beck, T Posske, D Crawford, E Mascot, S Rachel, ...
Nature Physics 17 (8), 943-948, 2021
Precursors of Majorana modes and their length-dependent energy oscillations probed at both ends of atomic Shiba chains
L Schneider, P Beck, J Neuhaus-Steinmetz, L Rózsa, T Posske, J Wiebe, ...
Nature nanotechnology 17 (4), 384-389, 2022
Skyrmion–anti-skyrmion pair creation by in-plane currents
M Stier, W Häusler, T Posske, G Gurski, M Thorwart
Physical Review Letters 118 (26), 267203, 2017
Controlling in-gap end states by linking nonmagnetic atoms and artificially-constructed spin chains on superconductors
L Schneider, S Brinker, M Steinbrecher, J Hermenau, T Posske, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 4707, 2020
Coexisting edge states and gapless bulk in topological states of matter
Y Baum, T Posske, IC Fulga, B Trauzettel, A Stern
Physical Review Letters 114 (13), 136801, 2015
Exact results for the Kondo screening cloud of two helical liquids
T Posske, CX Liu, JC Budich, B Trauzettel
Physical review letters 110 (1), 016602, 2013
Bosonic continuum theory of one-dimensional lattice anyons
M Bonkhoff, K Jägering, S Eggert, A Pelster, M Thorwart, T Posske
Physical Review Letters 126 (16), 163201, 2021
Topological superconductivity induced by a triple-q magnetic structure
J Bedow, E Mascot, T Posske, GS Uhrig, R Wiesendanger, S Rachel, ...
Physical Review B 102 (18), 180504, 2020
Vortex Majorana braiding in a finite time
T Posske, CK Chiu, M Thorwart
Physical Review Research 2 (2), 023205, 2020
Gapless topological superconductors: Model Hamiltonian and realization
Y Baum, T Posske, IC Fulga, B Trauzettel, A Stern
Physical Review B 92 (4), 045128, 2015
Controlled creation of quantum skyrmions
P Siegl, EY Vedmedenko, M Stier, M Thorwart, T Posske
Physical Review Research 4 (2), 023111, 2022
Direct proportionality between the Kondo cloud and current cross correlations in helical liquids
T Posske, B Trauzettel
Physical Review B 89 (7), 075108, 2014
Second quantization of Leinaas-Myrheim anyons in one dimension and their relation to the Lieb-Liniger model
T Posske, B Trauzettel, M Thorwart
Physical Review B 96 (19), 195422, 2017
Probing the topologically trivial nature of end states in antiferromagnetic atomic chains on superconductors
L Schneider, P Beck, L Rózsa, T Posske, J Wiebe, R Wiesendanger
Nature Communications 14 (1), 2742, 2023
Winding up quantum spin helices: How avoided level crossings exile classical topological protection
T Posske, M Thorwart
Physical Review Letters 122 (9), 097204, 2019
Proximity superconductivity in atom-by-atom crafted quantum dots
L Schneider, KT Ton, I Ioannidis, J Neuhaus-Steinmetz, T Posske, ...
Nature 621 (7977), 60-65, 2023
Rotating edge-field driven processing of chiral spin textures in racetrack devices
AF Schäffer, P Siegl, M Stier, T Posske, J Berakdar, M Thorwart, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 20400, 2020
Ground state properties of quantum skyrmions described by neural network quantum states
A Joshi, R Peters, T Posske
Physical Review B 108 (9), 094410, 2023
Topological magnetic phase transition in Eu-based -type antiferromagnets
E Heinrich, T Posske, B Flebus
Physical Review B 106 (21), 214402, 2022
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