Isaias, R.M.S.
Isaias, R.M.S.
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Illustrated and annotated checklist of Brazilian gall morphotypes
RMS Isaias, RGS Carneiro, DC Oliveira, JC Santos
Neotropical Entomology 42, 230-239, 2013
Manipulation of host plant cells and tissues by gall-inducing insects and adaptive strategies used by different feeding guilds
DC Oliveira, RMS Isaias, GW Fernandes, BG Ferreira, RGS Carneiro, ...
Journal of Insect Physiology 84, 103-113, 2016
Redifferentiation of leaflet tissues during midrib gall development in Copaifera langsdorffii (Fabaceae)
DC Oliveira, RMS Isaias
South African Journal of Botany 76 (2), 239-248, 2010
Comparative anatomy of the absorption roots of terrestrial and epiphytic orchids
ASFP Moreira, RMS Isaias
Brazilian archives of biology and technology 51, 83-93, 2008
Species-specific changes in tissue morphogenesis induced by two arthropod leaf gallers in Lantana camara L.(Verbenaceae)
MZD Moura, GLG Soares, RM dos Santos Isaias
Australian Journal of Botany 56 (2), 153-160, 2008
The influence of light intensity on anatomical structure and pigment contents of Tradescantia pallida (Rose) Hunt. cv. purpurea Boom (Commelinaceae) leaves
ÉAS Paiva, RMS Isaias, FHA Vale, CGS Queiroz
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology 46, 617-624, 2003
Do Cecidomyiidae galls of Aspidosperma spruceanum (Apocynaceae) fit the pre-established cytological and histochemical patterns?
DC Oliveira, TA Magalhães, RGS Carneiro, MN Alvim, RMS Isaias
Protoplasma 242 (1), 81-93, 2010
Cytological and histochemical gradients induced by a sucking insect in galls of Aspidosperma australe Arg. Muell (Apocynaceae)
DC de Oliveira, RM dos Santos Isaias
Plant Science 178 (4), 350-358, 2010
Developmental anatomy of galls in the Neotropics: arthropods stimuli versus host plant constraints
RM dos Santos Isaias, DC de Oliveira, RG da Silva Carneiro, JE Kraus
Neotropical insect galls, 15-34, 2014
Is the oxidative stress caused by Aspidosperma spp. galls capable of altering leaf photosynthesis?
DC de Oliveira, RM dos Santos Isaias, ASFP Moreira, TA Magalhães, ...
Plant Science 180 (3), 489-495, 2011
The imbalance of redox homeostasis in arthropod-induced plant galls: mechanisms of stress generation and dissipation
RMS Isaias, DC Oliveira, ASFP Moreira, GLG Soares, RGS Carneiro
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects 1850 (8), 1509-1517, 2015
The role of phenolics in the control of auxin in galls of Piptadenia gonoacantha (Mart.) MacBr (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae)
CS Bedetti, LV Modolo, RM dos Santos Isaias
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 55, 53-59, 2014
Cytological and histochemical gradients on two Copaifera langsdorffii Desf.(Fabaceae)—Cecidomyiidae gall systems
DC Oliveira, RGS Carneiro, TA Magalhães, RMS Isaias
Protoplasma 248 (4), 829-837, 2011
Unique histochemical gradients in a photosynthesis-deficient plant gall
RGS Carneiro, AC Castro, RMS Isaias
South African Journal of Botany 92, 97-104, 2014
Aluminium localization and toxicity symptoms related to root growth inhibition in rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings
MN Alvim, FT Ramos, DC Oliveira, RMS Isaias, MGC Franca
Journal of biosciences 37 (Suppl 1), 1079-1088, 2012
Role of Euphalerus ostreoides (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) in manipulating leaflet ontogenesis of Lonchocarpus muehlbergianus (Fabaceae)
RMS Isaias, DO Coelho, RGS Carneiro
Botany 89 (9), 581-592, 2011
Reações de defesas químicas e estruturais de Lonchocarpus muehlbergianus Hassl.(Fabaceae) à ação do galhador Euphalerus ostreoides Crawf.(Hemiptera: Psyllidae)
DC Oliveira, JCS Christiano, GLG Soares, RMS Isaias
Revista Brasileira de Botânica 29 (4), 657-667, 2006
Plants fight gall formation: hypersensitivity
Cienciae Cultura Journal of the Brazillian Association for the Advancement …, 2000
Source–sink relationship and photosynthesis in the horn-shaped gall and its host plant Copaifera langsdorffii Desf.(Fabaceae)
AC Castro, DC Oliveira, A Moreira, JP Lemos-Filho, RMS Isaias
South African Journal of Botany 83, 121-126, 2012
Feeding and other gall facets: patterns and determinants in gall structure
BG Ferreira, R Álvarez, GP Bragança, DR Alvarenga, N Pérez-Hidalgo, ...
The Botanical Review 85, 78-106, 2019
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