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Solveig I. Bühring
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Phylogenetic and Metabolic Diversity of Planctomycetes from Anaerobic, Sulfide- and Sulfur-Rich Zodletone Spring, Oklahoma
MS Elshahed, NH Youssef, Q Luo, FZ Najar, BA Roe, TM Sisk, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 73 (15), 4707-4716, 2007
Processes influencing extreme As enrichment in shallow-sea hydrothermal fluids of Milos Island, Greece
RE Price, I Savov, B Planer-Friedrich, SI Bühring, J Amend, T Pichler
Chemical Geology 348, 15-26, 2013
The microbial community structure of different permeable sandy sediments characterized by the investigation of bacterial fatty acids and fluorescence in situ hybridization
SI Bühring, M Elvert, U Witte
Environmental microbiology 7 (2), 281-293, 2005
Effect of advective pore water transport on distribution and degradation of diatoms in permeable North Sea sediments
S Ehrenhauss, U Witte, SI Bühring, M Huettel
Marine Ecology Progress Series 271, 99-111, 2004
Molecular evidence for abiotic sulfurization of dissolved organic matter in marine shallow hydrothermal systems
GV Gomez-Saez, J Niggemann, T Dittmar, AM Pohlabeln, SQ Lang, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 190, 35-52, 2016
Benthic microbial and whole‐community responses to different amounts of 13C‐enriched algae: In situ experiments in the deep Cretan Sea (Eastern Mediterranean)
SI Bühring, N Lampadariou, L Moodley, A Tselepides, U Witte
Limnology and Oceanography 51 (1), 157-165, 2006
A hypersaline microbial mat from the Pacific Atoll Kiritimati: insights into composition and carbon fixation using biomarker analyses and a 13C‐labeling approach
SI Bühring, RH Smittenberg, D Sachse, JS Lipp, S Golubic, JP Sachs, ...
Geobiology 7 (3), 308-323, 2009
Lipids in selected abyssal benthopelagic animals: links to the epipelagic zone?
SI Bühring, B Christiansen
Progress in Oceanography 50 (1-4), 369-382, 2001
Heat stress dictates microbial lipid composition along a thermal gradient in marine sediments
M Sollich, MY Yoshinaga, S Häusler, RE Price, KU Hinrichs, SI Bühring
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 1550, 2017
Enhanced benthic activity in sandy sublittoral sediments: Evidence from 13C tracer experiments
SI Bühring, S Ehrenhauss, A Kamp, L Moodley, U Witte
Marine Biology Research 2 (2), 120-129, 2006
Organic Cu-complexation at the shallow marine hydrothermal vent fields off the coast of Milos (Greece), Dominica (Lesser Antilles) and the Bay of Plenty (New Zealand)
C Kleint, S Kuzmanovski, Z Powell, SI Bühring, SG Sander, A Koschinsky
Marine Chemistry 173, 244-252, 2015
Insights into chemotaxonomic composition and carbon cycling of phototrophic communities in an artesian sulfur‐rich spring (Zodletone, Oklahoma, USA), a possible analog for …
SI Bühring, SM Sievert, HM Jonkers, T Ertefai, MS Elshahed, LR Krumholz, ...
Geobiology 9 (2), 166-179, 2011
Interaction between iron and dissolved organic matter in a marine shallow hydrothermal system off Dominica Island (Lesser Antilles)
GV Gomez-Saez, T Riedel, J Niggemann, T Pichler, T Dittmar, SI Bühring
Marine Chemistry 177, 677-686, 2015
Functional structure of laminated microbial sediments from a supratidal sandy beach of the German Wadden Sea (St. Peter-Ording)
SI Bühring, A Kamp, L Wörmer, S Ho, KU Hinrichs
Journal of Sea Research 85, 463-473, 2014
Relative importance of chemoautotrophy for primary production in a light exposed marine shallow hydrothermal system
GV Gomez-Saez, P Pop Ristova, SM Sievert, M Elvert, KU Hinrichs, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 702, 2017
Amorphous arsenic sulfide nanoparticles in a shallow water hydrothermal system
VM Durán-Toro, RE Price, M Maas, CC Brombach, T Pichler, K Rezwan, ...
Marine Chemistry 211, 25-36, 2019
Versatile cyanobacteria control the timing and extent of sulfide production in a Proterozoic analog microbial mat
JM Klatt, GV Gomez-Saez, S Meyer, PP Ristova, P Yilmaz, MS Granitsiotis, ...
The ISME Journal 14 (12), 3024-3037, 2020
Substrate characteristic bacterial fatty acid production based on amino acid assimilation and transformation in marine sediments
RF Aepfler, SI Bühring, M Elvert
FEMS microbiology ecology 95 (10), fiz131, 2019
Bacterial diversity and biogeochemistry of two marine shallow-water hydrothermal systems off dominica (Lesser Antilles)
P Pop Ristova, T Pichler, MW Friedrich, SI Bühring
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 2400, 2017
Lipid signatures of acidophilic microbial communities in an extreme acidic environment–Río Tinto, Spain
SI Bühring, F Schubotz, C Harms, JS Lipp, R Amils, KU Hinrichs
Organic geochemistry 47, 66-77, 2012
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