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Phylogenetic and Metabolic Diversity of Planctomycetes from Anaerobic, Sulfide- and Sulfur-Rich Zodletone Spring, Oklahoma
MS Elshahed, NH Youssef, Q Luo, FZ Najar, BA Roe, TM Sisk, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 73 (15), 4707-4716, 2007
Processes influencing extreme As enrichment in shallow-sea hydrothermal fluids of Milos Island, Greece
RE Price, I Savov, B Planer-Friedrich, SI Bühring, J Amend, T Pichler
Chemical Geology 348, 15-26, 2013
The microbial community structure of different permeable sandy sediments characterized by the investigation of bacterial fatty acids and fluorescence in situ hybridization
SI Bühring, M Elvert, U Witte
Environmental Microbiology 7 (2), 281-293, 2005
Effect of advective pore water transport on distribution and degradation of diatoms in permeable North Sea sediments
S Ehrenhauss, U Witte, SI Bühring, M Huettel
Marine Ecology Progress Series 271, 99-111, 2004
Benthic microbial and whole‐community responses to different amounts of 13C‐enriched algae: In situ experiments in the deep Cretan Sea (Eastern Mediterranean)
SI Bühring, N Lampadariou, L Moodley, A Tselepides, U Witte
Limnology and Oceanography 51 (1), 157-165, 2006
A hypersaline microbial mat from the Pacific Atoll Kiritimati: insights into composition and carbon fixation using biomarker analyses and a 13C‐labeling approach
SI Bühring, RH Smittenberg, D Sachse, JS Lipp, S Golubic, JP Sachs, ...
Geobiology 7 (3), 308-323, 2009
Molecular evidence for abiotic sulfurization of dissolved organic matter in marine shallow hydrothermal systems
GV Gomez-Saez, J Niggemann, T Dittmar, AM Pohlabeln, SQ Lang, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 190, 35-52, 2016
Lipids in selected abyssal benthopelagic animals: links to the epipelagic zone?
SI Bühring, B Christiansen
Progress in Oceanography 50 (1-4), 369-382, 2001
Heat stress dictates microbial lipid composition along a thermal gradient in marine sediments
M Sollich, MY Yoshinaga, S Häusler, RE Price, KU Hinrichs, SI Bühring
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 1550, 2017
Enhanced benthic activity in sandy sublittoral sediments: Evidence from 13C tracer experiments
SI Bühring, S Ehrenhauss, A Kamp, L Moodley, U Witte
Marine Biology Research 2 (2), 120-129, 2006
Organic Cu-complexation at the shallow marine hydrothermal vent fields off the coast of Milos (Greece), Dominica (Lesser Antilles) and the Bay of Plenty (New Zealand)
C Kleint, S Kuzmanovski, Z Powell, SI Bühring, SG Sander, A Koschinsky
Marine Chemistry 173, 244-252, 2015
Insights into chemotaxonomic composition and carbon cycling of phototrophic communities in an artesian sulfur‐rich spring (Zodletone, Oklahoma, USA), a possible analog for …
SI Bühring, SM Sievert, HM Jonkers, T Ertefai, MS Elshahed, LR Krumholz, ...
Geobiology 9 (2), 166-179, 2011
Functional structure of laminated microbial sediments from a supratidal sandy beach of the German Wadden Sea (St. Peter-Ording)
SI Bühring, A Kamp, L Wörmer, S Ho, KU Hinrichs
Journal of Sea Research 85, 463-473, 2014
Interaction between iron and dissolved organic matter in a marine shallow hydrothermal system off Dominica Island (Lesser Antilles)
GV Gomez-Saez, T Riedel, J Niggemann, T Pichler, T Dittmar, ...
Marine Chemistry 177, 677-686, 2015
Relative importance of chemoautotrophy for primary production in a light exposed marine shallow hydrothermal system
GV Gomez-Saez, P Pop Ristova, SM Sievert, M Elvert, KU Hinrichs, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 702, 2017
Versatile cyanobacteria control the timing and extent of sulfide production in a Proterozoic analog microbial mat
JM Klatt, GV Gomez-Saez, S Meyer, PP Ristova, P Yilmaz, MS Granitsiotis, ...
The ISME Journal 14 (12), 3024-3037, 2020
Amorphous arsenic sulfide nanoparticles in a shallow water hydrothermal system
VM Durán-Toro, RE Price, M Maas, CC Brombach, T Pichler, K Rezwan, ...
Marine Chemistry 211, 25-36, 2019
Lipid signatures of acidophilic microbial communities in an extreme acidic environment–Río Tinto, Spain
SI Bühring, F Schubotz, C Harms, JS Lipp, R Amils, KU Hinrichs
Organic geochemistry 47, 66-77, 2012
Are Rhodophyceae a dietary component for deep-sea holothurians?
SI Bühring, R Koppelmann, B Christiansen, H Weikert
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 82 (2 …, 2002
Substrate characteristic bacterial fatty acid production based on amino acid assimilation and transformation in marine sediments
RF Aepfler, SI Bühring, M Elvert
FEMS microbiology ecology 95 (10), fiz131, 2019
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