Nadine Schwierz
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Reversed anionic Hofmeister series: the interplay of surface charge and surface polarity
N Schwierz, D Horinek, RR Netz
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Anionic and cationic Hofmeister effects on hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces
N Schwierz, D Horinek, RR Netz
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On the relationship between peptide adsorption resistance and surface contact angle: a combined experimental and simulation single-molecule study
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Dynamics of Seeded Aβ40-Fibril Growth from Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Kinetic Trapping and Reduced Water Mobility in the Locking Step
N Schwierz, CV Frost, PL Geissler, M Zacharias
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Specific ion binding to carboxylic surface groups and the pH dependence of the Hofmeister series
N Schwierz, D Horinek, RR Netz
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Parameterization of the woods-saxon potential for shell-model calculations
N Schwierz, I Wiedenhover, A Volya
arXiv preprint arXiv:0709.3525, 2007
Non-monotonic crossover from single-file to regular diffusion in micro-channels
U Siems, C Kreuter, A Erbe, N Schwierz, S Sengupta, P Leiderer, ...
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Force fields for monovalent and divalent metal cations in TIP3P water based on thermodynamic and kinetic properties
S Mamatkulov, N Schwierz
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Effective interaction between two ion-adsorbing plates: Hofmeister series and salting-in/salting-out phase diagrams from a global mean-field analysis
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N Schwierz, CV Frost, PL Geissler, M Zacharias
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ERA Lima, M Boström, N Schwierz, BE Sernelius, FW Tavares
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Hofmeister Series for Metal-Cation–RNA Interactions: The Interplay of Binding Affinity and Exchange Kinetics
S Cruz-León, N Schwierz
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Hydrogen and electric power generation from liquid microjets: design principles for optimizing conversion efficiency
N Schwierz, RK Lam, Z Gamlieli, JJ Tills, A Leung, PL Geissler, ...
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S Deutschländer, K Franzrahe, B Heinze, P Henseler, P Keim, N Schwierz, ...
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 222 (11), 2973-2993, 2013
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