Jörg Körner
Jörg Körner
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Universität Jena
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Measurement of temperature-dependent absorption and emission spectra of Yb:YAG, Yb:LuAG, and Yb:CaF2 between 20 °C and 200 °C and predictions on their …
J Koerner, C Vorholt, H Liebetrau, M Kahle, D Kloepfel, R Seifert, J Hein, ...
JOSA B 29 (9), 2493-2502, 2012
Spectroscopic characterization of Yb3+-doped laser materials at cryogenic temperatures
J Körner, V Jambunathan, J Hein, R Seifert, M Loeser, M Siebold, ...
Applied Physics B 116, 75-81, 2014
Temporal contrast control at the PHELIX petawatt laser facility by means of tunable sub-picosecond optical parametric amplification
F Wagner, CP João, J Fils, T Gottschall, J Hein, J Körner, J Limpert, ...
Applied physics B 116, 429-435, 2014
The generation of amplified spontaneous emission in high‐power CPA laser systems
S Keppler, A Sävert, J Körner, M Hornung, H Liebetrau, J Hein, ...
Laser & photonics reviews 10 (2), 264-277, 2016
16.6 J chirped femtosecond laser pulses from a diode-pumped Yb:CaF2 amplifier
A Kessler, M Hornung, S Keppler, F Schorcht, M Hellwing, H Liebetrau, ...
Optics Letters 39 (6), 1333-1336, 2014
High-intensity, high-contrast laser pulses generated from the fully diode-pumped Yb: glass laser system POLARIS
M Hornung, S Keppler, R Bödefeld, A Kessler, H Liebetrau, J Körner, ...
Optics letters 38 (5), 718-720, 2013
Multi kJ level laser concepts for HiPER facility
JC Chanteloup, D Albach, A Lucianetti, K Ertel, S Banerjee, PD Mason, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 244 (1), 012010, 2010
54 J pulses with 18 nm bandwidth from a diode-pumped chirped-pulse amplification laser system
M Hornung, H Liebetrau, S Keppler, A Kessler, M Hellwing, F Schorcht, ...
Optics Letters 41 (22), 5413-5416, 2016
Structure and fluorescence properties of ternary aluminosilicate glasses doped with samarium and europium
A Herrmann, S Kuhn, M Tiegel, C Rüssel, J Körner, D Klöpfel, J Hein, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (21), 4328-4337, 2014
Magnesium aluminosilicate glasses as potential laser host material for ultrahigh power laser systems
M Tiegel, A Herrmann, C Rüssel, J Körner, D Klöpfel, J Hein, MC Kaluza
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (33), 5031-5039, 2013
Judd–Ofelt analysis and experimental spectroscopic study of erbium doped phosphate glasses
R Lachheb, A Herrmann, AA Assadi, J Reiter, J Körner, J Hein, C Rüssel, ...
Journal of luminescence 201, 245-254, 2018
Effect of hydroxyl concentration on Yb3+ luminescence properties in a peraluminous lithium-alumino-silicate glass
S Kuhn, M Tiegel, A Herrmann, J Körner, R Seifert, F Yue, D Klöpfel, ...
Optical Materials Express 5 (2), 430-440, 2015
High-efficiency, room-temperature nanosecond Yb: YAG laser
M Siebold, M Loeser, U Schramm, J Koerner, M Wolf, M Hellwing, J Hein, ...
Optics Express 17 (22), 19887-19893, 2009
Temperature dependent spectroscopic study of Yb3+-doped KG(WO4)2, KY(WO4)2, YAlO3 and YLiF4 for laser applications
J Körner, M Krüger, J Reiter, A Münzer, J Hein, MC Kaluza
Optical Materials Express 10 (10), 2425-2438, 2020
Spectroscopic investigations of thulium doped YAG and YAP crystals between 77 K and 300 K for short-wavelength infrared lasers
J Körner, T Lühder, J Reiter, I Uschmann, H Marschner, V Jambunathan, ...
Journal of Luminescence 202, 427-437, 2018
Spatio‐Temporal Characterization of Pump‐Induced Wavefront Aberrations in Yb3 + ‐Doped Materials
I Tamer, S Keppler, M Hornung, J Körner, J Hein, MC Kaluza
Laser & Photonics Reviews 12 (2), 1700211, 2018
Fluorescence and thermal stress properties of Yb3+-doped alumino silicate glasses for ultra high peak power laser applications
M Tiegel, A Herrmann, S Kuhn, C Rüssel, J Körner, D Klöpfel, R Seifert, ...
Laser Physics Letters 11 (11), 115811, 2014
Temperature dependent measurement of absorption and emission cross sections for various Yb [sup] 3+[/sup] doped laser materials
J Körner, J Hein, M Kahle, H Liebetrau, M Lenski, M Kaluza, M Loeser, ...
Diode-Pumped High Energy and High Power Lasers; ELI: Ultrarelativistic Laser …, 2011
Spectroscopic characterization of various Yb3+ doped laser materials at cryogenic temperatures for the development of high energy class diode pumped solid state lasers
V Jambunathan, J Koerner, P Sikocinski, M Divoky, M Sawicka, ...
High-Power, High-Energy, and High-Intensity Laser Technology; and Research …, 2013
The all-diode-pumped laser system POLARIS–an experimentalist’s tool generating ultra-high contrast pulses with high energy
M Hornung, H Liebetrau, A Seidel, S Keppler, A Kessler, J Körner, ...
High Power Laser Science and Engineering 2, e20, 2014
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