Jürgen Groll
Jürgen Groll
Chair for Functional Materials in Medicine and Dentistry
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25th anniversary article: engineering hydrogels for biofabrication
J Malda, J Visser, FP Melchels, T Jüngst, WE Hennink, WJA Dhert, J Groll, ...
Advanced materials 25 (36), 5011-5028, 2013
Hydrogels in sensing applications
D Buenger, F Topuz, J Groll
Progress in Polymer Science 37 (12), 1678-1719, 2012
Strategies and molecular design criteria for 3D printable hydrogels
T Jungst, W Smolan, K Schacht, T Scheibel, J Groll
Chemical reviews 116 (3), 1496-1539, 2016
Proposal to assess printability of bioinks for extrusion-based bioprinting and evaluation of rheological properties governing bioprintability
N Paxton, W Smolan, T Böck, F Melchels, J Groll, T Jungst
Biofabrication 9 (4), 044107, 2017
How smart do biomaterials need to be? A translational science and clinical point of view
BM Holzapfel, JC Reichert, JT Schantz, U Gbureck, L Rackwitz, U Nöth, ...
Advanced drug delivery reviews 65 (4), 581-603, 2013
Biofabrication: reappraising the definition of an evolving field
J Groll, T Boland, T Blunk, JA Burdick, DW Cho, PD Dalton, B Derby, ...
Biofabrication 8 (1), 013001, 2016
A definition of bioinks and their distinction from biomaterial inks
J Groll, JA Burdick, DW Cho, B Derby, M Gelinsky, SC Heilshorn, ...
Biofabrication 11 (1), 013001, 2018
Biofabrication: a guide to technology and terminology
L Moroni, T Boland, JA Burdick, C De Maria, B Derby, G Forgacs, J Groll, ...
Trends in biotechnology 36 (4), 384-402, 2018
Degradable polyester scaffolds with controlled surface chemistry combining minimal protein adsorption with specific bioactivation
D Grafahrend, KH Heffels, MV Beer, P Gasteier, M Möller, G Boehm, ...
Nature materials 10 (1), 67-73, 2011
Rapid preparation of flexible porous coordination polymer nanocrystals with accelerated guest adsorption kinetics
D Tanaka, A Henke, K Albrecht, M Moeller, K Nakagawa, S Kitagawa, ...
Nature chemistry 2 (5), 410-416, 2010
Additive manufacturing of scaffolds with sub-micron filaments via melt electrospinning writing
G Hochleitner, T Jüngst, TD Brown, K Hahn, C Moseke, F Jakob, ...
Biofabrication 7 (3), 035002, 2015
Thiol–ene clickable gelatin: a platform bioink for multiple 3D biofabrication technologies
S Bertlein, G Brown, KS Lim, T Jungst, T Boeck, T Blunk, J Tessmar, ...
Advanced materials 29 (44), 1703404, 2017
The bioprinting roadmap
W Sun, B Starly, AC Daly, JA Burdick, J Groll, G Skeldon, W Shu, Y Sakai, ...
Biofabrication 12 (2), 022002, 2020
From shape to function: the next step in bioprinting
R Levato, T Jungst, RG Scheuring, T Blunk, J Groll, J Malda
Advanced Materials 32 (12), 1906423, 2020
Biofunctionalized, ultrathin coatings of cross-linked star-shaped poly (ethylene oxide) allow reversible folding of immobilized proteins
J Groll, EV Amirgoulova, T Ameringer, CD Heyes, C Röcker, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (13), 4234-4239, 2004
Biofabrication of cell‐loaded 3D spider silk constructs
K Schacht, T Jüngst, M Schweinlin, A Ewald, J Groll, T Scheibel
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (9), 2816-2820, 2015
Rapid uptake of gold nanorods by primary human blood phagocytes and immunomodulatory effects of surface chemistry
M Bartneck, HA Keul, S Singh, K Czaja, J Bornemann, M Bockstaller, ...
ACS nano 4 (6), 3073-3086, 2010
Direct 3D powder printing of biphasic calcium phosphate scaffolds for substitution of complex bone defects
M Castilho, C Moseke, A Ewald, U Gbureck, J Groll, I Pires, J Teßmar, ...
Biofabrication 6 (1), 015006, 2014
Phagocytosis independent extracellular nanoparticle clearance by human immune cells
M Bartneck, HA Keul, G Zwadlo-Klarwasser, J Groll
Nano letters 10 (1), 59-63, 2010
Dimension‐based design of melt electrowritten scaffolds
A Hrynevich, BŞ Elçi, JN Haigh, R McMaster, A Youssef, C Blum, T Blunk, ...
Small 14 (22), 1800232, 2018
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