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Paul Walther
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Nanotubular highways for intercellular organelle transport
A Rustom, R Saffrich, I Markovic, P Walther, HH Gerdes
Science 303 (5660), 1007-1010, 2004
Composition and three-dimensional architecture of the dengue virus replication and assembly sites
S Welsch, S Miller, I Romero-Brey, A Merz, CKE Bleck, P Walther, ...
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Interaction of a lecithin microemulsion gel with human stratum corneum and its effect on transdermal transport
F Dreher, P Walde, P Walther, E Wehrli
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Freeze substitution of high‐pressure frozen samples: the visibility of biological membranes is improved when the substitution medium contains water
P Walther, A Ziegler
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Decellularized cartilage matrix as a novel biomatrix for cartilage tissue-engineering applications
S Schwarz, L Koerber, AF Elsaesser, E Goldberg-Bockhorn, AM Seitz, ...
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Peptides released by physiological cleavage of semen coagulum proteins form amyloids that enhance HIV infection
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Carboxylated superparamagnetic iron oxide particles label cells intracellularly without transfection agents
V Mailänder, MR Lorenz, V Holzapfel, A Musyanovych, K Fuchs, ...
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A micellar approach to magnetic ultrahigh‐density data‐storage media: Extending the limits of current colloidal methods
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Immunogold labeling in scanning electron microscopy
R Hermann, P Walther, M Müller
Histochemistry and cell biology 106 (1), 31-39, 1996
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