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Revealing the hidden complexities of mtDNA inheritance
DJ White, JN Wolff, M Pierson, NJ Gemmell
Molecular Ecology 17 (23), 4925-4942, 2008
Mitonuclear interactions: evolutionary consequences over multiple biological scales
JN Wolff, ED Ladoukakis, JA Enríquez, DK Dowling
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 369 …, 2014
Accurate detection and quantitation of heteroplasmic mitochondrial point mutations by pyrosequencing
HE White, VJ Durston, A Seller, C Fratter, JF Harvey, NCP Cross
Genetic testing 9 (3), 190-199, 2005
Paternal transmission of mitochondrial DNA as an integral part of mitochondrial inheritance in metapopulations of Drosophila simulans
JN Wolff, M Nafisinia, P Sutovsky, JWO Ballard
Heredity 110 (1), 57-62, 2013
Experimental Support That Natural Selection Has Shaped the Latitudinal Distribution of Mitochondrial Haplotypes in Australian Drosophila melanogaster
MF Camus, JN Wolff, CM Sgrò, DK Dowling
Molecular Biology and Evolution 34 (10), 2600-2612, 2017
Mitochondria, maternal inheritance, and asymmetric fitness: why males die younger
JN Wolff, NJ Gemmell
BioEssays 35 (2), 93-99, 2013
Lost in the zygote: the dilution of paternal mtDNA upon fertilization
JN Wolff, NJ Gemmell
Heredity 101 (5), 429-434, 2008
Risks inherent to mitochondrial replacement
EH Morrow, K Reinhardt, JN Wolff, DK Dowling
EMBO reports 16 (5), 541-544, 2015
Selective enrichment and sequencing of whole mitochondrial genomes in the presence of nuclear encoded mitochondrial pseudogenes (numts)
JN Wolff, DCA Shearman, RC Brooks, JWO Ballard
PLoS One 7 (5), e37142, 2012
Evolutionary implications of mitochondrial genetic variation: mitochondrial genetic effects on OXPHOS respiration and mitochondrial quantity change with age and sex in fruit flies
JN Wolff, N Pichaud, MF Camus, G Côté, PU Blier, DK Dowling
Journal of evolutionary biology 29 (4), 736-747, 2016
The strength and timing of the mitochondrial bottleneck in salmon suggests a conserved mechanism in vertebrates
JN Wolff, DJ White, M Woodhams, HE White, NJ Gemmell
PLoS One 6 (5), e20522, 2011
Complete mitochondrial genome sequences of thirteen globally sourced strains of fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) form a powerful model for mitochondrial …
JN Wolff, MF Camus, DJ Clancy, DK Dowling
Mitochondrial DNA Part A 27 (6), 4672-4674, 2016
From evolutionary bystander to master manipulator: the emerging roles for the mitochondrial genome as a modulator of nuclear gene expression
MP Horan, NJ Gemmell, JN Wolff
European Journal of Human Genetics 21 (12), 1335-1337, 2013
Introduction of a male-harming mitochondrial haplotype via ‘Trojan Females’ achieves population suppression in fruit flies
JN Wolff, NJ Gemmell, DM Tompkins, DK Dowling
Elife 6, e23551, 2017
Mitonuclear interactions, mtDNA-mediated thermal plasticity and implications for the Trojan Female Technique for pest control
JN Wolff, DM Tompkins, NJ Gemmell, DK Dowling
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-7, 2016
Combining allele-specific fluorescent probes and restriction assay in real-time PCR to achieve SNP scoring beyond allele ratios of 1: 1000
JN Wolff, NJ Gemmell
BioTechniques 44 (2), 193-199, 2008
Mitochondrial replacement therapy: Cautiously replace the master manipulator
N Gemmell, JN Wolff
BioEssays 37 (6), 584-585, 2015
Unique tRNA introns of an enslaved algal cell
O Kawach, C Voß, J Wolff, K Hadfi, UG Maier, S Zauner
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Delimiting the frequency of paternal leakage of mitochondrial DNA in chinook salmon
JN Wolff, S Gandre, A Kalinin, NJ Gemmell
Genetics 179 (2), 1029-1032, 2008
Mitochondrial DNA content of mature spermatozoa and oocytes in the genetic model Drosophila
JN Wolff, P Sutovsky, JWO Ballard
Cell and tissue research 353 (1), 195-200, 2013
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