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Why marine phytoplankton calcify
FM Monteiro, LT Bach, C Brownlee, P Bown, REM Rickaby, AJ Poulton, ...
Science Advances 2 (7), e1501822, 2016
Dissecting the impact of CO2 and pH on the mechanisms of photosynthesis and calcification in the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi
LT Bach, LCM Mackinder, KG Schulz, G Wheeler, DC Schroeder, ...
New Phytologist 199 (1), 121-134, 2013
CO2 removal with enhanced weathering and ocean alkalinity enhancement: Potential risks and co-benefits for marine pelagic ecosystems
LT Bach, S Gill, R Rickaby, S Gore, P Renforth
Frontiers in Climate 1, 7, 2019
Temperature modulates coccolithophorid sensitivity of growth, photosynthesis and calcification to increasing seawater pCO2
S Sett, LT Bach, KG Schulz, S Koch-Klavsen, M Lebrato, U Riebesell
PloS one 9 (2), e88308, 2014
An approach for particle sinking velocity measurements in the 3–400 μm size range and considerations on the effect of temperature on sinking rates
LT Bach, U Riebesell, S Sett, S Febiri, P Rzepka, KG Schulz
Marine biology 159 (8), 1853-1864, 2012
Distinguishing between the effects of ocean acidification and ocean carbonation in the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi
LT Bach, U Riebesell, KG Schulz
Limnology and Oceanography 56 (6), 2040-2050, 2011
A unifying concept of coccolithophore sensitivity to changing carbonate chemistry embedded in an ecological framework
LT Bach, U Riebesell, MA Gutowska, L Federwisch, KG Schulz
Progress in Oceanography 135, 125-138, 2015
Testing the climate intervention potential of ocean afforestation using the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt
LT Bach, V Tamsitt, J Gower, CL Hurd, JA Raven, PW Boyd
Nature Communications 12 (1), 2556, 2021
Toxic algal bloom induced by ocean acidification disrupts the pelagic food web
U Riebesell, N Aberle-Malzahn, EP Achterberg, M Algueró-Muñiz, ...
Nature Climate Change 8 (12), 1082-1086, 2018
Influence of changing carbonate chemistry on morphology and weight of coccoliths formed by Emiliania huxleyi
LT Bach, C Bauke, KJS Meier, U Riebesell, KG Schulz
Biogeosciences 9 (8), 3449-3463, 2012
Influence of plankton community structure on the sinking velocity of marine aggregates
LT Bach, T Boxhammer, A Larsen, N Hildebrandt, KG Schulz, U Riebesell
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 30 (8), 1145-1165, 2016
Reconsidering the role of carbonate ion concentration in calcification by marine organisms
LT Bach
Biogeosciences 12 (16), 4939-4951, 2015
Assessing the potential of amino acid 13C patterns as a carbon source tracer in marine sediments: effects of algal growth conditions and sedimentary diagenesis
T Larsen, LT Bach, R Salvatteci, YV Wang, N Andersen, M Ventura, ...
Biogeosciences 12 (16), 4979-4992, 2015
Effect of elevated CO2 on organic matter pools and fluxes in a summer Baltic Sea plankton community
AJ Paul, LT Bach, KG Schulz, T Boxhammer, J Czerny, EP Achterberg, ...
Biogeosciences 12 (20), 6181-6203, 2015
Forensic carbon accounting: Assessing the role of seaweeds for carbon sequestration
CL Hurd, CS Law, LT Bach, D Britton, M Hovenden, ER Paine, JA Raven, ...
Journal of Phycology 58 (3), 347-363, 2022
Simulated ocean acidification reveals winners and losers in coastal phytoplankton
LT Bach, S Alvarez-Fernandez, T Hornick, A Stuhr, U Riebesell
PloS one 12 (11), e0188198, 2017
Competitive fitness of a predominant pelagic calcifier impaired by ocean acidification
U Riebesell, LT Bach, RGJ Bellerby, JRB Monsalve, T Boxhammer, ...
Nature Geoscience 10 (1), 19-23, 2017
Phytoplankton blooms at increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide: experimental evidence for negative effects on prymnesiophytes and positive on small picoeukaryotes
KG Schulz, LT Bach, RGJ Bellerby, R Bermúdez, J Büdenbender, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 4, 64, 2017
Influence of ocean acidification on a natural winter-to-summer plankton succession: First insights from a long-term mesocosm study draw attention to periods of low nutrient …
LT Bach, J Taucher, T Boxhammer, A Ludwig, ...
PloS one 11 (8), e0159068, 2016
The influence of plankton community structure on sinking velocity and remineralization rate of marine aggregates
LT Bach, P Stange, J Taucher, EP Achterberg, M Algueró‐Muñiz, H Horn, ...
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 33 (8), 971-994, 2019
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