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Incorporating anthropogenic water regulation modules into a land surface model
Y Pokhrel, N Hanasaki, S Koirala, J Cho, PJF Yeh, H Kim, S Kanae, T Oki
Journal of Hydrometeorology 13 (1), 255-269, 2012
Model estimates of sea-level change due to anthropogenic impacts on terrestrial water storage
YN Pokhrel, N Hanasaki, PJF Yeh, TJ Yamada, S Kanae, T Oki
Nature Geoscience 5 (6), 389, 2012
Incorporation of groundwater pumping in a global L and S urface M odel with the representation of human impacts
YN Pokhrel, S Koirala, PJF Yeh, N Hanasaki, L Longuevergne, S Kanae, ...
Water Resources Research 51 (1), 78-96, 2015
Water scarcity hotspots travel downstream due to human interventions in the 20th and 21st century
TIE Veldkamp, Y Wada, J Aerts, P Döll, SN Gosling, J Liu, Y Masaki, T Oki, ...
Nature communications 8, 15697, 2017
The role of groundwater in the Amazon water cycle: 3. Influence on terrestrial water storage computations and comparison with GRACE
YN Pokhrel, Y Fan, G Miguez‐Macho, PJF Yeh, SC Han
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 118 (8), 3233-3244, 2013
Human–water interface in hydrological modelling: current status and future directions
Y Wada, MFP Bierkens, A Roo, PA Dirmeyer, JS Famiglietti, N Hanasaki, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 21 (8), 4169-4193, 2017
Recent progresses in incorporating human land–water management into global land surface models toward their integration into Earth system models
YN Pokhrel, N Hanasaki, Y Wada, H Kim
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water 3 (4), 548-574, 2016
The critical role of the routing scheme in simulating peak river discharge in global hydrological models
F Zhao, TIE Veldkamp, K Frieler, J Schewe, S Ostberg, S Willner, ...
Environmental Research Letters 12 (7), 075003, 2017
Potential hydrologic changes in the Amazon by the end of the 21st century and the groundwater buffer
YN Pokhrel, Y Fan, G Miguez-Macho
Environmental Research Letters 9 (8), 084004, 2014
A global hydrological simulation to specify the sources of water used by humans
N Hanasaki, S Yoshikawa, Y Pokhrel, S Kanae
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 22 (1), 789, 2018
Natural and human-induced terrestrial water storage change: A global analysis using hydrological models and GRACE
F Felfelani, Y Wada, L Longuevergne, YN Pokhrel
Journal of hydrology 553, 105-118, 2017
A review of the integrated effects of changing climate, land use, and dams on Mekong river hydrology
Y Pokhrel, M Burbano, J Roush, H Kang, V Sridhar, DW Hyndman
Water 10 (3), 266, 2018
Human impact parameterizations in global hydrological models improve estimates of monthly discharges and hydrological extremes: a multi-model validation study
TIE Veldkamp, F Zhao, PJ Ward, H de Moel, JCJH Aerts, HM Schmied, ...
Environmental Research Letters 13 (5), 055008, 2018
Climate and anthropogenic contributions to the desiccation of the second largest saline lake in the twentieth century
S Chaudhari, F Felfelani, S Shin, Y Pokhrel
Journal of Hydrology 560, 342-353, 2018
Multi‐GCM by multi‐RAM experiments for dynamical downscaling on summertime climate change in Hokkaido
M Inatsu, T Sato, TJ Yamada, R Kuno, S Sugimoto, MA Farukh, ...
Atmospheric Science Letters 16 (3), 297-304, 2015
Detecting irrigation extent, frequency, and timing in a heterogeneous arid agricultural region using MODIS time series, Landsat imagery, and ancillary data
Y Chen, D Lu, L Luo, Y Pokhrel, K Deb, J Huang, Y Ran
Remote Sensing of Environment 204, 197-211, 2018
Modeling large-scale human alteration of land surface hydrology and climate
YN Pokhrel, F Felfelani, S Shin, TJ Yamada, Y Satoh
Geoscience Letters 4 (1), 10, 2017
Improving maize growth processes in the community land model: Implementation and evaluation
B Peng, K Guan, M Chen, DM Lawrence, Y Pokhrel, A Suyker, ...
Agricultural and forest meteorology 250, 64-89, 2018
Extreme precipitation intensity in future climates associated with the Clausius-Clapeyron-like relationship
TJ Yamada, MA Farukh, T Fukushima, M Inatsu, T Sato, YN Pokhrel, T Oki
Hydrological Research Letters 8 (4), 108-113, 2014
Overestimated water storage
LF Konikow
Nature Geoscience 6 (1), 3, 2013
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