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Living in groups
J Krause, GD Ruxton, GD Ruxton, IG Ruxton
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Effective leadership and decision-making in animal groups on the move
ID Couzin, J Krause, NR Franks, SA Levin
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Exploring animal social networks
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Effects of parasites on fish behaviour: a review and evolutionary perspective
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Social network theory in the behavioural sciences: potential applications
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Quorum decision-making facilitates information transfer in fish shoals
AJW Ward, DJT Sumpter, ID Couzin, PJB Hart, J Krause
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Context-dependent group size choice in fish
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Correlates of boldness in three-spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus)
AJW Ward, P Thomas, PJB Hart, J Krause
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Social networks in the guppy (Poecilia reticulata)
DP Croft, J Krause, R James
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Fish cognition and behavior
C Brown, K Laland, J Krause
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Swarm intelligence in animals and humans
J Krause, GD Ruxton, S Krause
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Leadership, consensus decision making and collective behaviour in humans
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Fast and accurate decisions through collective vigilance in fish shoals
AJW Ward, JE Herbert-Read, DJT Sumpter, J Krause
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Animal social networks: an introduction
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“Leading according to need” in self-organizing groups
L Conradt, J Krause, ID Couzin, TJ Roper
The American Naturalist 173 (3), 304-312, 2009
Predator preferences for attacking particular prey group sizes: consequences for predator hunting success and prey predation risk
J Krause, JGJ Godin
Animal Behaviour 50 (2), 465-473, 1995
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