Jeison Fischer
Jeison Fischer
Researcher at Institute of Physics II, University of Cologne, Germany
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Sulfonated porphyrin doped polyaniline nanotubes and nanofibers: synthesis and characterization
M Khalid, JJS Acuna, MA Tumelero, JA Fischer, VC Zoldan, AA Pasa
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (22), 11340-11346, 2012
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SH Phark, JA Fischer, M Corbetta, D Sander, K Nakamura, J Kirschner
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C Murray, W Jolie, JA Fischer, J Hall, C van Efferen, N Ehlen, A Grüneis, ...
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Band Bending and Valence Band Quantization at Line Defects in MoS2
C Murray, C van Efferen, W Jolie, JA Fischer, J Hall, A Rosch, ...
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Sulfidization of Au (111) from thioacetic acid: An experimental and theoretical study
JA Fischer, VC Zoldan, G Benitez, AA Rubert, EA Ramirez, P Carro, ...
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Single-crystal graphene on Ir (110)
S Kraus, F Huttmann, J Fischer, T Knispel, K Bischof, A Herman, ...
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C van Efferen, C Murray, J Fischer, C Busse, HP Komsa, T Michely, ...
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Probing the spinor nature of electronic states in nanosize non-collinear magnets
JA Fischer, LM Sandratskii, SH Phark, S Ouazi, AA Pasa, D Sander, ...
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Atomic structure governed diversity of exchange-driven spin helices in Fe nanoislands: Experiment and theory
JA Fischer, LM Sandratskii, S Phark, D Sander, S Parkin
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Unconventional Charge-Density-Wave Gap in Monolayer NbS2
T Knispel, J Berges, A Schobert, EGCP van Loon, W Jolie, T Wehling, ...
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Nature Physics 20 (1), 82-87, 2024
Orbital-selective chemical functionalization of by
N Ehlen, Y Falke, BV Senkovskiy, T Knispel, J Fischer, ON Gallego, ...
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Growth of aligned and twisted hexagonal boron nitride on Ir (110)
T Michely, J Bergelt, A Safeer, A Bäder, T Hartl, J Fischer
2D Materials 11 (1), 015010, 2023
Estudo da formação de monocamadas auto-organizadas de tióis sobre Au (111)
JA Fischer
Anderson‐Modell korrelierter Elektronen bestätigt: Festkörperphysik
W Jolie, J Fischer, T Michely, T Costi
Physik in unserer Zeit 55 (2), 58-59, 2024
Tip-induced creation and Jahn-Teller distortions of sulfur vacancies in single-layer MoS
D Jansen, T Tounsi, J Fischer, AV Krasheninnikov, T Michely, HP Komsa, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2401.09931, 2024
Novel 2D vanadium sulphides: synthesis, atomic structure engineering and charge density waves
C van Efferen, J Hall, V Boix, T Wekking, N Vinogradov, A Preobrajensk, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.16792, 2023
Modulated Kondo screening along magnetic mirror twin boundaries in monolayer MoS2 on graphene
C van Efferen, J Fischer, TA Costi, A Rosch, T Michely, W Jolie
arXiv preprint arXiv:2210.09675, 2022
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