Rebecca A. Everett
Rebecca A. Everett
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Hivatkozott rá
Improving the generation and selection of virtual populations in quantitative systems pharmacology models
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Mechanisms of Resistance to Intermittent Androgen Deprivation in Patients with Prostate Cancer Identified by a Novel Computational MethodIdentifying CRPC Mechanisms in …
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Can mathematical models predict the outcomes of prostate cancer patients undergoing intermittent androgen deprivation therapy?
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Agent-based and continuous models of hopper bands for the Australian plague locust: How resource consumption mediates pulse formation and geometry
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Dynamic modeling of problem drinkers undergoing behavioral treatment
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Mathematical and statistical model misspecifications in modelling immune response in renal transplant recipients
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Data and implication based comparison of two chronic myeloid leukemia models
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Immunosuppressant treatment dynamics in renal transplant recipients: an iterative modeling approach
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A tutorial review of mathematical techniques for quantifying tumor heterogeneity
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Dynamical systems modeling to identify a cohort of problem drinkers with similar mechanisms of behavior change
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An adaptive feedback methodology for determining information content in stable population studies
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Disease‐mediated nutrient dynamics: Coupling host–pathogen interactions with ecosystem elements and energy
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Can Mathematical Models Predict the Outcomes of Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Intermittent Androgen Deprivation Therapy?
RA Everett, AM Packer, Y Kuang
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Applications of the Droop Cell Quota Model to Data Based Cancer Growth and Treatment Models
RA Everett
Arizona State University, 2015
Even More Efficient Generation and Selection of Virtual Populations in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Models
TR Rieger, RJ Allen, L Bystricky, Y Chen, G Colopy, Y Cui, A Gonzalez, ...
J Pharmacokinet Pharmacodyn 44, S115-S115, 2017
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