Steffen A. Herff
Steffen A. Herff
DECRA Research Fellow
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Exploring the space of perfectly balanced rhythms and scales
AJ Milne, D Bulger, SA Herff
Journal of Mathematics and Music 11 (2-3), 101-133, 2017
The perceptual relevance of balance, evenness, and entropy in musical rhythms
AJ Milne, SA Herff
Cognition 203, 104233, 2020
Perfect balance: A novel principle for the construction of musical scales and meters
AJ Milne, D Bulger, SA Herff, WA Sethares
International Conference on Mathematics and Computation in Music, 97-108, 2015
XronoMorph: Algorithmic Generation of Perfectly Balanced and Well-Formed Rhythms.
AJ Milne, SA Herff, DW Bulger, WA Sethares, RT Dean
NIME, 388-393, 2016
Memory for melodies in unfamiliar tuning systems: Investigating effects of recency and number of intervening items
SA Herff, KN Olsen, RT Dean, J Prince
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 71 (6), 1367-1381, 2018
Resilient memory for melodies: The number of intervening melodies does not influence novel melody recognition
SA Herff, KN Olsen, RT Dean
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 71 (5), 1150-1171, 2018
Negotiating between individual and joint goals in ensemble musical performance
J MacRitchie, SA Herff, A Procopio, PE Keller
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 71 (7), 1535-1551, 2018
Interference in memory for pitch-only and rhythm-only sequences
SA Herff, KN Olsen, J Prince, RT Dean
Musicae Scientiae 22 (3), 344-361, 2018
Expertise-related differences in wrist muscle co-contraction in drummers
S Beveridge, SA Herff, B Buck, GB Madden, HC Jabusch
Frontiers in Psychology, 1360, 2020
The role of divided attention and expertise in melody recognition
SA Herff, D Czernochowski
Musicae Scientiae 23 (1), 69-86, 2019
Prefrontal High Gamma in ECoG tags periodicity of musical rhythms in perception and imagination
SA Herff, C Herff, AJ Milne, GD Johnson, JJ Shih, DJ Krusienski
Eneuro 7 (4), 2020
Perfect balance: A novel organizational principle for musical scales and meters
AJ Milne, D Bulger, SA Herff, WA Sethares
Mathematics and Computation in Music 9110, 97-108, 2015
Music influences vividness and content of imagined journeys in a directed visual imagery task
SA Herff, G Cecchetti, L Taruffi, K Déguernel
Scientific reports 11 (1), 1-12, 2021
Perceived emotions of harmonic cadences
EA Smit, FA Dobrowohl, NK Schaal, AJ Milne, SA Herff
Music & Science 3, 2059204320938635, 2020
Investigating cumulative disruptive interference in memory for melodies, words, and pictures
SA Herff, KN Olsen, A Anic, NK Schaal
New Ideas in Psychology 55, 68-77, 2019
Interrater agreement in memory for melody as a measure of listeners’ similarity in music perception.
SA Herff, RT Dean, KN Olsen
Psychomusicology: Music, Mind, and Brain 27 (4), 297, 2017
Hierarchical syntactic structure predicts listeners’ sequence completion in music
SA Herff, D Harasim, G Cecchetti, C Finkensiep, MA Rohrmeier
Proceedings of the Cognitive Science Conference. Vol 43, 903-909, 2021
Musical syntactic structure improves memory for melody: evidence from the processing of ambiguous melodies
G Cecchetti, SA Herff, MA Rohrmeier
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. Vol. 43 …, 2021
Age-dependent statistical learning trajectories reveal differences in information weighting.
SA Herff, S Zhen, R Yu, KR Agres
Psychology and Aging 35 (8), 1090, 2020
Context effects of background babbling on memory for melodies
SA Herff, RT Dean, NK Schaal
Musicae Scientiae 24 (1), 96-112, 2020
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