Roberta Masin
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WeedTurf: a predictive model to aid control of annual summer weeds in turf
R Masin, MC Zuin, DW Archer, F Forcella, G Zanin
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Temperature and water potential as parameters for modeling weed emergence in central-northern Italy
R Masin, D Loddo, S Benvenuti, MC Zuin, M Macchia, G Zanin
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R Masin, MC Zuin, S Otto, G Zanin
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High-resolution morphologic characterization of conservation agriculture
P Tarolli, M Cavalli, R Masin
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R Masin, D Loddo, S Benvenuti, S Otto, G Zanin
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L Carretta, P Tarolli, A Cardinali, P Nasta, N Romano, R Masin
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A new rapid procedure for simultaneous determination of glyphosate and AMPA in water at sub μg/L level
L Carretta, A Cardinali, E Marotta, G Zanin, R Masin
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Crop-weed interactions in saline environments
V Cirillo, R Masin, A Maggio, G Zanin
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Can commercial low-cost drones and open-source GIS technologies be suitable for semi-automatic weed mapping for smart farming? A case study in NE Italy
P Mattivi, SE Pappalardo, N Nikolić, L Mandolesi, A Persichetti, ...
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Vegetated ditches for the mitigation of pesticides runoff in the Po Valley
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Weed–corn competition parameters in late-winter sowing in northern Italy
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Evaluation of weed emergence model AlertInf for maize in soybean
R Masin, D Loddo, V Gasparini, S Otto, G Zanin
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Estimation and comparison of base temperatures for germination of European populations of velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) and jimsonweed (Datura stramonium)
D Loddo, E Sousa, R Masin, I Calha, G Zanin, C Fernández-Quintanilla, ...
Weed Science 61 (3), 443-451, 2013
Prospects for crowdsourced information on the geomorphic ‘engineering’ by the invasive Coypu (Myocastor coypus)
G Sofia, R Masin, P Tarolli
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 42 (2), 365-377, 2017
A single-time survey method to predict the daily weed density for weed control decision-making
R Masin, VP Vasileiadis, D Loddo, S Otto, G Zanin
Weed Science 59 (2), 270-275, 2011
Thirty-year monitoring of s-triazine herbicide contamination in the aquifer north of Vicenza (north-east Italy)
A Ghirardelli, S Otto, R Masin, C Bano, L Altissimo, S Russo, G Zanin
Science of The Total Environment 752, 141647, 2021
Can alternating temperatures be used to estimate base temperature for seed germination?
R Masin, A Onofri, V Gasparini, G Zanin
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Estimating soil degradation in montane grasslands of North-eastern Italian Alps (Italy)
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Base temperatures for germination of selected weed species in Iran.
D Loddo, F Ghaderi-Far, Z Rastegar, R Masin
Plant Protection Science 54 (1), 2018
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