Francisco Perez-Bernal
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Elastic Scattering and Reaction Mechanisms of the Halo Nucleus around the Coulomb Barrier
A Di Pietro, G Randisi, V Scuderi, L Acosta, F Amorini, MJG Borge, ...
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Algebraic approach to two-dimensional systems: Shape phase transitions, monodromy, and thermodynamic quantities
F Pérez-Bernal, F Iachello
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Elastic scattering and -particle production in He Pb collisions at 22 MeV
L Acosta, AM Sánchez-Benítez, ME Gómez, I Martel, F Pérez-Bernal, ...
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LF Santos, M Távora, F Pérez-Bernal
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A Frank, R Lemus, R Bijker, F Pérez-Bernal, JM Arias
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Structure of eigenstates and quench dynamics at an excited-state quantum phase transition
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D Larese, F Pérez-Bernal, F Iachello
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α-particle production in the scattering of 6He by 208Pb at energies around the Coulomb barrier
D Escrig, AM Sanchez-Benitez, AM Moro, MAG Alvarez, MV Andres, ...
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A novel approach to precipitation series completion in climatological datasets: application to Andalusia
P Ramos‐Calzado, J Gómez‐Camacho, F Pérez‐Bernal, MF Pita‐López
International Journal of Climatology: A Journal of the Royal Meteorological …, 2008
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AM Moro, JM Arias, J Gómez-Camacho, F Pérez-Bernal
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Probing an excited-state quantum phase transition in a quantum many-body system via an out-of-time-order correlator
Q Wang, F Pérez-Bernal
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F Iachello, F Pérez-Bernal, PH Vaccaro
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Coupling to breakup channels using a transformed harmonic oscillator basis
AM Moro, JM Arias, J Gómez-Camacho, I Martel, F Pérez-Bernal, ...
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Speck of chaos
LF Santos, F Pérez-Bernal, EJ Torres-Herrera
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Signature of a strong coupling with the continuum in 11Be + 120Sn scattering at the Coulomb barrier
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Spectroscopic signatures of nonrigidity: Algebraic analyses of infrared and Raman transitions in nonrigid species
F Pérez-Bernal, LF Santos, PH Vaccaro, F Iachello
Chemical physics letters 414 (4-6), 398-404, 2005
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