Italo F. Cuneo
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Mechanical failure of fine root cortical cells initiates plant hydraulic decline during drought
IF Cuneo, T Knipfer, CR Brodersen, AJ McElrone
Plant Physiology 172 (3), 1669-1678, 2016
In situ visualization of the dynamics in xylem embolism formation and removal in the absence of root pressure: a study on excised grapevine stems
T Knipfer, IF Cuneo, CR Brodersen, AJ McElrone
Plant Physiology 171 (2), 1024-1036, 2016
Differences in grapevine rootstock sensitivity and recovery from drought are linked to fine root cortical lacunae and root tip function
IF Cuneo, F Barrios‐Masias, T Knipfer, J Uretsky, C Reyes, P Lenain, ...
New Phytologist 229 (1), 272-283, 2021
Prospects of decreasing winter chill for deciduous fruit production in Chile throughout the 21st century
E Fernandez, C Whitney, IF Cuneo, E Luedeling
Climatic Change 159, 423-439, 2020
Starch and hexoses concentrations as physiological markers in dormancy progression of sweet cherry twigs
E Fernandez, IF Cuneo, E Luedeling, L Alvarado, D Farias, S Saa
Trees 33, 1187-1201, 2019
Variations in xylem embolism susceptibility under drought between intact saplings of three walnut species
T Knipfer, FH Barrios-Masias, IF Cuneo, M Bouda, CP Albuquerque, ...
Tree Physiology 38 (8), 1180-1192, 2018
Storage compartments for capillary water rarely refill in an intact woody plant
T Knipfer, IF Cuneo, JM Earles, C Reyes, CR Brodersen, AJ McElrone
Plant physiology 175 (4), 1649-1660, 2017
Water uptake can occur through woody portions of roots and facilitates localized embolism repair in grapevine
IF Cuneo, T Knipfer, P Mandal, CR Brodersen, AJ McElrone
New Phytologist 218 (2), 506-516, 2018
Controlled water deficit modifies the phenolic composition and sensory properties in Cabernet Sauvignon wines
A Cáceres-Mella, C Ribalta-Pizarro, L Villalobos-González, IF Cuneo, ...
Scientia Horticulturae 237, 105-111, 2018
Adapting sweet cherry orchards to extreme weather events–Decision Analysis in support of farmers' investments in Central Chile
G Rojas, E Fernandez, C Whitney, E Luedeling, IF Cuneo
Agricultural Systems 187, 103031, 2021
Evaluation of aerial and root plant growth behavior, water and nutrient use efficiency and carbohydrate dynamics for Hass avocado grown in a soilless and protected growing system
CP Beyer, IF Cuneo, JE Alvaro, R Pedreschi
Scientia Horticulturae 277, 109830, 2021
Enhancing the mechanical and hydraulic properties of coarse quartz sand using a water‐soluble hydrogel based on bacterial alginate for novel application in agricultural contexts
C Barrientos‐Sanhueza, P Mondaca, M Tamayo, JE Álvaro, ...
Soil Science Society of America Journal 85 (6), 1880-1893, 2021
Image Analysis Reveals That Lenticel Damage Does Not Result in Black Spot Development but Enhances Dehydration in Persea americana Mill. cv. Hass during …
V Lindh, V Uarrota, C Zulueta, JE Alvaro, M Valdenegro, IF Cuneo, ...
Agronomy 11 (9), 1699, 2021
Bacterial alginate-based hydrogel reduces hydro-mechanical soil-related problems in agriculture facing climate change
C Barrientos-Sanhueza, D Cargnino-Cisternas, A Díaz-Barrera, IF Cuneo
Polymers 14 (5), 922, 2022
Effects of climate and anthocyanin variables on the zoning of Pinot Noir wine from the Casablanca Valley
I Cuneo, E Salgado, M Castro, A Córdova, J Saavedra
Journal of Wine Research 24 (4), 2013
Anthocyanin composition in cabernet sauvignon grape skins: effect of regulated deficit irrigation in a warm climate
G Aris, IF Cuneo, C Pastenes, A Cáceres-Mella
Horticulturae 8 (9), 796, 2022
Inherent and stress-induced responses of fine root morphology and anatomy in commercial grapevine rootstocks with contrasting drought resistance
I Reingwirtz, J Uretsky, IF Cuneo, T Knipfer, C Reyes, MA Walker, ...
Plants 10 (6), 1121, 2021
Hydric behavior: insights into primary metabolites in leaves and roots of cabernet sauvignon and grenache grapevine varieties under drought stress
M Tamayo, L Sepúlveda, EP Guequen, P Saavedra, R Pedreschi, ...
Horticulturae 9 (5), 566, 2023
Changes in the composition of flavonols and organic acids during ripening for three cv. sauvignon blanc clones grown in a cool-climate valley
P Peirano-Bolelli, F Heller-Fuenzalida, IF Cuneo, Á Peña-Neira, ...
Agronomy 12 (6), 1357, 2022
Changes in xylem conducting capacity and water storage across species: how can variable air content of xylem cells affect sap flow?
AJ McElrone, JM Earles, TM Knipfer, CP Albuquerque, CR Brodersen, ...
X International Workshop on Sap Flow 1222, 5-12, 2017
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