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Guidelines for the implementation of the H/V spectral ratio technique on ambient vibrations measurements, processing and interpretation
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Assessing the reliability of the modified three-component spatial autocorrelation technique
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Unsupervised feature selection and general pattern discovery using Self-Organizing Maps for gaining insights into the nature of seismic wavefields
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The precautionary principle in the information society-effects of pervasive computing on health and environment
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EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service, 2004
Autonomous detection of calving-related seismicity at Kronebreen, Svalbard
A Köhler, A Chapuis, C Nuth, J Kohler, C Weidle
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Regional passive seismic monitoring reveals dynamic glacier activity on Spitsbergen, Svalbard
A Köhler, C Nuth, J Schweitzer, C Weidle, SJ Gibbons
Polar Research 34, 2015
Dynamic vulnerability revealed in the collapse of an Arctic tidewater glacier
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On the effect of topography on surface wave propagation in the ambient noise frequency range
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A 15 year record of frontal glacier ablation rates estimated from seismic data
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Directionality analysis and Rayleigh wave tomography of ambient seismic noise in southern Norway
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Contribution of calving to frontal ablation quantified from seismic and hydroacoustic observations calibrated with lidar volume measurements
A Köhler, M Pętlicki, PM Lefeuvre, G Buscaino, C Nuth, C Weidle
The Cryosphere 13 (11), 3117-3137, 2019
Potentials and pitfalls of permafrost active layer monitoring using the HVSR method: A case study in Svalbard
A Köhler, C Weidle
Earth Surface Dynamics 7, 1-16, 2019
Surface wave tomography across the Sorgenfrei–Tornquist Zone, SW Scandinavia, using ambient noise and earthquake data
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The relative fraction of Rayleigh and Love waves in ambient vibration wavefields at different European sites
A Köhler, M Ohrnberger, F Scherbaum
Proceedings of the third International Symposium on the Effects of Surface …, 2006
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