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Experimental evidence for group hunting via eavesdropping in echolocating bats
DKN Dechmann, SL Heucke, L Giuggioli, K Safi, CC Voigt, M Wikelski
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 276 (1668), 2721-2728, 2009
A dual function of echolocation: bats use echolocation calls to identify familiar and unfamiliar individuals
SL Voigt-Heucke, M Taborsky, DKN Dechmann
Animal Behaviour 80 (1), 59-67, 2010
Rain increases the energy cost of bat flight
CC Voigt, K Schneeberger, SL Voigt-Heucke, D Lewanzik
Biology letters 7 (5), 793-795, 2011
The effect of ostensive cues on dogs’ performance in a manipulative social learning task
F Range, SL Heucke, C Gruber, A Konz, L Huber, Z Virányi
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 120 (3-4), 170-178, 2009
Divergent trophic levels in two cryptic sibling bat species
BM Siemers, S Greif, I Borissov, SL Voigt-Heucke, CC Voigt
Oecologia 166 (1), 69-78, 2011
Migratory bats respond to artificial green light with positive phototaxis
CC Voigt, M Roeleke, L Marggraf, G Pētersons, SL Voigt-Heucke
PLoS One 12 (5), e0177748, 2017
Metabolic costs of bat echolocation in a non-foraging context support a role in communication
DKN Dechmann, M Wikelski, HJ van Noordwijk, CC Voigt, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 4, 66, 2013
Isotopic Data Do Not Support Food Sharing Within Large Networks of Female Vampire Bats (Desmodus rotundus)
CC Voigt, SL Voigt‐Heucke, K Schneeberger
Ethology 118 (3), 260-268, 2012
Terrestrial locomotion imposes high metabolic requirements on bats
CC Voigt, IM Borrisov, SL Voigt-Heucke
Journal of Experimental Biology 215 (24), 4340-4344, 2012
Revisiting adaptations of neotropical katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) to gleaning bat predation
H ter Hofstede, S Voigt-Heucke, A Lang, H Römer, R Page, P Faure, ...
Neotropical biodiversity 3 (1), 41-49, 2017
Does interspecific eavesdropping promote aerial aggregations in European Pipistrelle bats during autumn?
SL Voigt‐Heucke, S Zimmer, S Kipper
Ethology 122 (9), 745-757, 2016
Isotopic evidence for seed transfer from successional areas into forests by short-tailed fruit bats (Carollia spp.; Phyllostomidae)
CC Voigt, SL Voigt-Heucke, AS Kretzschmar
Journal of tropical ecology, 181-186, 2012
Finding your friends at densely populated roosting places: male Egyptian fruit bats (Rousettus aegyptiacus) distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar conspecifics
O Mann, V Lieberman, A Köhler, C Korine, HE Hedworth, ...
Acta Chiropterologica 13 (2), 411-417, 2011
Similar, yet different: male Reed Buntings (Emberiza schoeniclus) show high individual differences in song composition, rates of syllable sharing and use
M Bessert-Nettelbeck, S Kipper, C Bartsch, SL Voigt-Heucke
Journal of Ornithology 155 (3), 689-700, 2014
Metabolic costs of echolocation in a non-foraging context support a role for echolocation
DKN Dechmann, M Wikelski, HJ van Noordwijk, CC Voigt, ...
Frontiers in Integrative Physiology 4, 2013
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