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Matthias Weidlich
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Process mining manifesto
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Blockchains for business process management-challenges and opportunities
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Efficient consistency measurement based on behavioral profiles of process models
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The ICoP framework: Identification of correspondences between process models
M Weidlich, R Dijkman, J Mendling
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Declarative versus imperative process modeling languages: The issue of understandability
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Behavioral similarity–a proper metric
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Process compliance analysis based on behavioural profiles
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Visually specifying compliance rules and explaining their violations for business processes
A Awad, M Weidlich, M Weske
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Specification, verification and explanation of violation for data aware compliance rules
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Heterogeneous Stream Processing and Crowdsourcing for Urban Traffic Management.
A Artikis, M Weidlich, F Schnitzler, I Boutsis, T Liebig, N Piatkowski, ...
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Conformance Checking
J Carmona, B van Dongen, A Solti, M Weidlich
Springer, Cham, 2018
Minimizing efforts in validating crowd answers
NQV Hung, DC Thang, M Weidlich, K Aberer
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Queue mining–predicting delays in service processes
A Senderovich, M Weidlich, A Gal, A Mandelbaum
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Queue mining for delay prediction in multi-class service processes
A Senderovich, M Weidlich, A Gal, A Mandelbaum
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Probabilistic optimization of semantic process model matching
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Report: The process model matching contest 2013
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Traveling time prediction in scheduled transportation with journey segments
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Change propagation in process models using behavioural profiles
M Weidlich, M Weske, J Mendling
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BPEL to BPMN: The myth of a straight-forward mapping
M Weidlich, G Decker, A Großkopf, M Weske
OTM Confederated International Conferences" On the Move to Meaningful …, 2008
Event-based monitoring of process execution violations
M Weidlich, H Ziekow, J Mendling, O Günther, M Weske, N Desai
International conference on business process management, 182-198, 2011
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