Richard Dronskowski
Richard Dronskowski
Distinguished Professor, Chair of Solid-State and Quantum Chemistry, RWTH Aachen University
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Crystal orbital Hamilton populations (COHP): energy-resolved visualization of chemical bonding in solids based on density-functional calculations
R Dronskowski, PE Bloechl
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LOBSTER: A tool to extract chemical bonding from plane‐wave based DFT
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Computational chemistry of solid state materials: a guide for materials scientists, chemists, physicists and others
R Dronskowski
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SG Ebbinghaus, HP Abicht, R Dronskowski, T Müller, A Reller, ...
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Synthesis, crystal structure, and properties of MnNCN, the first carbodiimide of a magnetic transition metal
X Liu, M Krott, P Müller, C Hu, H Lueken, R Dronskowski
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Hydrogen bonding in the crystal structures of the ionic liquid compounds butyldimethylimidazolium hydrogen sulfate, chloride, and chloroferrate (II, III)
P Kölle, R Dronskowski
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L Xi, S Pan, X Li, Y Xu, J Ni, X Sun, J Yang, J Luo, J Xi, W Zhu, X Li, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (34), 10785-10793, 2018
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